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To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infectious diseases

Published 2020 years 11 month 20 Date

Last updated 2020 years 11 month 20 Date

We would like to thank the townspeople for their understanding and cooperation in measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

 However, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus is increasing rapidly in the prefecture, and on November 11, the infection alert level for the entire Nagano prefecture was raised to level 14, and the "new coronavirus warning" was issued to all prefectures.
 In the last week (November 11th to November 12th) of Nagano Prefecture, the number of newly infected people was 11, which was 18 per 139 population, the highest ever.In addition, in the Nagano area, the infection alert level was raised to level 10 on November 6.82, and the "New Coronavirus Special Warning" was issued.In the last week (November 11th to November 14th), the number of newly infected people was 11, which is 12 per 11 population.As of the 18th, 111 people have been confirmed in the Ueda Public Health Center, and 10 person has been confirmed in Tateshina Town, and 21.01 people have been confirmed in the Saku area.
 In Japan and within the prefecture, many infected people are confirmed every day, and it is reported that the number is the highest ever.
  We would like to ask the townspeople to thoroughly prevent the spread of infection.

  • When traveling to and from areas where a large number of infected people are occurring, whether outside or within the prefecture, be sure to take thorough infection prevention measures such as securing physical distance, wearing masks, washing hands and disinfecting hands.Also, keep an eye on your health after returning.
  • In winter, there are more opportunities for dinner.Always try to ventilate and moisturize by opening the window a little, using a humidifier, and drying the laundry indoors.Let's be careful about the arrangement of seats for a small number of people and a short time for dinner.

"A closed space with poor ventilation" "A dense space where many people gather" "A close place where you can talk and speak up close" Avoid the three dense spaces, and ask for thorough basic infection prevention measures such as hand washing, hand sanitizer, and wearing a mask. I will do it.

January 2, 11rd year of Reiwa 
New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Nagawa Town Headquarters

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