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Infection alert level has been reduced to level XNUMX throughout Nagano prefecture

Published 2020 years 09 month 18 Date

Last updated 2020 years 09 month 18 Date

 We would like to thank the townspeople for their deep understanding and cooperation in preventing the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
 We would also like to express our sincere respect and gratitude to all medical institutions.
 Regarding the infection alert level in Nagano prefecture, the infection alert level in the entire prefecture was lowered to level XNUMX on September XNUMX, and the "new coronavirus warning" was lifted.
 However, since there are many infected people nationwide, we ask for your continued cooperation in basic infection prevention measures.

Basic infection prevention measures

  • Thoroughly implement the three basics of infection prevention (securing physical distance, wearing a mask in a crowd, and washing your hands)
  • Avoid the "three dense" (sealed, dense, close).
  • Make sure you do a daily health check. Avoid going out if you have a cold, and consult your doctor or health center if you continue to have a cold or if you have a strong symptom such as a suffocation or high fever.

The town will continue to take measures to prevent the spread of infection.


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