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About publication of ex-post evaluation

Published 2020 years 09 month 04 Date

Last updated 2020 years 09 month 04 Date

 The Social Capital Development Comprehensive Grant is a comprehensive grant that combines individual subsidies for local governments under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism into a single grant, which gives local governments a high degree of freedom and makes the most of their ingenuity. It was founded in the year.
 The Social Capital Development Comprehensive Grant is a community-led, unique town development that takes advantage of the characteristics of the region's history, culture, natural environment, etc. It is a system for improving the quality of the city and revitalizing the local economy and society.


 In the Social Capital Development Comprehensive Grant, it is obligatory to set a target numerical index at the planning stage before the project implementation, perform an ex-post evaluation in the final year of the project, and confirm the achievement status.
 The purpose of the ex-post evaluation is to objectively evaluate and analyze the results and factors brought about by the comprehensive social capital grant, explain them to the townspeople in an easy-to-understand manner, and guide future town development in the appropriate direction. ..


 In Nagawa-cho, for five years from 25 to 29 (partially carried over to 30), we have been working on the development of the Nagawa area by utilizing the comprehensive social capital development grant.
 Following the termination of the project, we will announce the ex-post evaluation that verified the results of the project.

 In the future, based on the evaluation results, we will implement necessary improvement measures and continue to promote town development that takes advantage of the characteristics of the region.

〇 In charge

 Planning and Finance Division Town Development Policy Section

 Phone: 0268-75-2042 FAX: 0268-68-4139

 E-mail address:kikaku@town.nagawa.nagano.jp

○ Ex-post evaluation

 Nagawa Town Ex-post Evaluation [PDF: 1MB]

Contact Us

Strategy and Finance Division town development policy engagement
PHONE: 0268-75-2042

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