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We devised Nagawa-machi community-based welfare plan

Published 2020 years 08 month 07 Date

Last updated 2020 years 08 month 07 Date

Community welfare plan coverDue to the declining birthrate and aging population, and the accompanying decline in the population, the environment surrounding Japan's local communities is becoming even more severe.

Even in Nagawa Town, due to changes in the environment surrounding the region, such as the progress of nuclear families and the increase in the number of households living alone, the connections between residents in the region are becoming weaker. In addition, there are many cases where various issues in individuals and households become complicated and diversified.As a result, the number of cases where it is difficult to deal with the "vertical division" welfare system has increased.

  In order to promote measures to overcome welfare issues in such areas, Nagawa Town will set a planning period of 2020 years from 2025 (Reiwa XNUMX) to XNUMX (Reiwa XNUMX). We have formulated the "Nagawa Town Community Welfare Plan".

 The basic idea of ​​this plan is "town development for community coexistence where the community can connect and live a peaceful life", and it goes beyond the conventional relationships such as "vertical division" of systems and fields and "supporters" and "receivers" of welfare. Aiming to realize a "community symbiotic society" in which everyone living in the community plays a role as a leader in the community and connects with the community while supporting each other, it is common to the welfare of various fields such as the elderly, people with disabilities, and children. It includes matters to be tackled and matters to be tackled in collaboration with various other fields.

 Based on this plan, the town will be able to live in a safe and secure environment in which each and every one of us is accustomed to living, in cooperation with the residents of the town and related organizations. We would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

  In conclusion, the members of the Nagawa Town Community Welfare Plan Development Committee who gave us various opinions and suggestions in formulating this plan, as well as the townspeople who cooperated in the questionnaire survey on community welfare, etc. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone involved.

April XNUMX (XNUMXnd year of Reiwa)

Mayor of Nagawa Kenichiro Haneda

Nagawa Town Community Welfare Plan [PDF: 6MB]

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