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To all the owners who have a villa in Nagato-cho

Published 2020 years 08 month 07 Date

Last updated 2020 years 08 month 07 Date

With the spread of new coronavirus infection

Notice and request of the occurrence situation in Nagano prefecture


 Thank you for your continued patronage of the villa in Nagawa.

Regarding the new coronavirus, due to the understanding and cooperation of the owners, the infection temporarily declined,SevenThe number of confirmed infections has exploded in Nagano Prefecture since the beginning of the month(SevenInfected after March48First name, cumulative124Man)However, since the outbreak of clusters and the spread of familial infections are spreading, Nagano Prefecture has its own area in a wide area such as Ueda and Saku including Nagawa Town."New Coronavirus Alert"And the stage of infection warning as a prefecture"levelThree(alarm)"I took measures to raise it to.

The owner, based on the health condition and behavior history of himself and his family, when going to and from the villa under such circumstances"Sufficient consideration","Appropriate response"If there are people in the family who are at high risk of becoming seriously ill such as the elderly and those with underlying illness, including the necessity of traffic."A more careful judgment"please.

For those who have already stayed at the villa, the basic"Thorough measures to prevent infection","Implementation of health observation"In addition to being presented with a new lifestyle"It doesn't move"Do not move" "Do not spread"If you experience any symptoms such as fever during your stay,"Symptom consultation desk"(Ueda Health Center 0268-25-7135Please consult.

FiveI am very sorry to hear from you again after the declaration of the state of emergency in the month.Protect the lives of loved ones from this infectionTherefore, we ask for your understanding and cooperation.


August XNUMX, XNUMXnd year


Mayor Nagawa Kenichiro Haneda


◎Comprehensive website for Nagano new coronavirus infectious disease control

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