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About general inspection of "(tentative name) Nagawa-machi wind farm project planning stage environmental consideration book"

Published 2020 years 07 month 29 Date

Last updated 2020 years 08 month 04 Date

 If you have an opinion from the viewpoint of environmental conservation regarding the planning stage environmental consideration document (hereinafter referred to as "consideration document"), please contact the business operator until Thursday, August 2, 8nd year of Reiwa. You can submit a written opinion.
 For details, see the business website (https://j-windservice.com/)please look at.

About XNUMX (tentative name) Nagawacho wind farm business summary

  • Business operator: Japan Wind Service Co., Ltd. Representative Director Takahiro Kurata
  • Business type/scale: Wind power (onshore), power generation equipment output: 57,600 kW maximum, number of units: 16 maximum
  • Project implementation area: Nagawa-cho, Ogi-gun and Tateshina-cho, Kitasaku-gun

About publication, general inspection of XNUMX consideration book and summary

  • Name of consideration sheet: (tentative name) Environmental consideration sheet at the planning stage for the Nagawacho wind farm project
  • Period: From Wednesday, July 2, 7 to Thursday, August 29 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
  • Time: From 8:30 am to 5:15 pm
  • place:
    • ① Nagano Prefecture Environment Department Environmental Policy Division
    • ② Nagano Prefecture Saku Area Promotion Bureau Environment and Waste Management Division
    • ③ Environment Division, Ueda Regional Development Bureau, Nagano Prefecture
    • ④ Nagano Prefecture Suwa Regional Development Bureau Environment Division
    • ⑤Nagawa Town Office Townsman Welfare Division Living Environment Section
    • ⑥ Nagawa Town Office Daimon Branch
    • ⑦ Tateshina Town Office Construction Environment Division Living Environment Section
    • ⑧ Tateshina Town Office Tourism Division (Takashina-machi large character Ashida Yatsugano 745)
    • ⑨ Chino City Hall Civic Environment Department Environment Division
    • ⑩ Chino City Kitayama District Community Center
    • ⑪ Saku City Hall Environment Department Environmental Policy Division

About presentation of statement of position from the viewpoint of XNUMX environmental conservation

 Submission method: Fill in the name and opinion (including the reason for the opinion) on the document, and post it in the opinion box provided at the inspection place (excluding the Environment Division, Civil Environment Department, Chino City Hall and the Kitayama District Community Center, Chino City). Please do so or mail it to the business inquiries.

  • Deadline for submission: Until Thursday, August 2, 8 (if mailed, postmark valid on the day)

XNUMX business inquiries

  • Japan Wind Service Co., Ltd. 105th floor, Shiba Koen ND Building 0014-2-5 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 10-6
  • Phone number: 03-5530-9072 Person in charge: Wind power generation team Kurosawa

Contact Us

Townsman Welfare Division living environment engagement
TEL: 0268-75-2046