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Please use "Everybody's support! Nagawa no Sato area Ikiiki ticket"

Published 2020 years 08 month 07 Date

Last updated 2020 years 08 month 07 Date

To all the townspeople


 We would like to thank the townspeople for their cooperation in combating the new coronavirus infection.

 Although various regulations such as refraining from going out and moving and business suspension have been lifted, the business activities of business establishments in the town block continue to be sluggish.I hope it will end as soon as possible.

 As of July 500, the townspeople who have registered as residents are offering "Cheer together! Chowa no Sato area lively ticket" as a measure to stimulate consumption and demand in these depressed areas and to respond to "new lifestyles". We distributed 20 yen per person (XNUMX yen ticket x XNUMX spelling).For details on how to use it and the shops where it can be used, please see the leaflets distributed or the Chamber of Commerce website.
 The number of shops that can be used is increasing, so we will update it from time to time.

 In addition, we ask all the businesses that can use it to understand the purpose, take measures for the "new lifestyle", and become a "store of the new corona countermeasure promotion declaration". We ask for your understanding and cooperation so that we will thoroughly implement preventive measures and carry out PR.

Lively ticket sample

Chowa no Sato area Ikiiki ticket member store list
Industry 地区 Office name   Industry 地区 Office name
Drinking Furumachi Karintei Nagato store Retail Furumachi Tsukemono no Kanahanakan
Hometown Center Shinshu Iwawashi no Sato Lawson Shinshu Nagatomichi Station Store
Restaurant Lemon Glass ㈲ Nagato confectionery Oshimaya, ★Oshimaya store
Restaurant & Snack Silk Maruya clothing store
Shinshu Karin Chaya ★ Moriya
Nagakubo Drive-in Nagato Denka Shop Midorikawa
Shinshu Butterfly House Kozaki store
Japanese restaurant Kobayashi ㈲ Forest fountain
Daimon Green Flower Soba Museum Omi Shoji
Mukudo Yamaguchi store
Egg shop kitchen directly managed by Nodoka Farm Marche Kuroya
Sucre Seven-Eleven Shinshu Nagato Bypass store (Tateiwa)
500 yen ramen shop (octopus)  
Himeki Clear stream  
Rikyu An  
Wada Wadajuku Station Cafeteria  
Dosan daughter Wada store Nagakubo Maruya store
Karaoke cafeteria  Washan Daimon Iriya Shoten
Contact cafeteria ★Wataya Shokai Co., Ltd.
Cedar shop Takeshige Co., Ltd. Yotsuya Gas Station
beagle Seven-Eleven Nagatocho store (XNUMX nights)
Kuroya Himeki Gomi Leisure Industry Co., Ltd.
Snack/cafe Emu Wada ★ Venus Oil Co., Ltd.
Stone kiln Cafe KOKUYA Takeuchi Agricultural Products Co., Ltd.
Yoneya Tetsugoro Honpo ★〲Kojima Shoten
En's House Tajima store
Others Shunsai Toba Moriuchi vegetables
Eating place Koya (Takeishi store, hospital store) Tajima fruits and vegetables
Lodging Nagakubo Hamadaya Ryokan Yoshizawa Radio Store
Himeki Pension red roof ★ Yorozuya
Himekidaira Canadian House Yamamoto hut Furusatokan
Lodge Ginrei Wada inn station
Pension un memory Seven-Eleven Wada store
Pension Brick House  
Log no Yado Walden Others JA Green Farm Yodakubo Southern Store◆
Pension Mori no Musician Construction Furumachi Moriken Co., Ltd.
Resort house ox Taki Architects
Pension Aruin Shin-Etsu Koei
PEKO's house Tree nuts ㈲ Shin-etsu Industry
Shirakaba Club ㈲ Shimizu facility
Resort Inn Rally Sakurai Stone ㈲
Pension STAY Saito Wood Industry Co., Ltd.
Pensione Mimatsu Nagakubo Takeuchi Construction
KIEINES HOTEL Schoner Berg ㈲ Tatsuken
Auberge de Valle Blanche Maruasa Kobo Nagato Sales Office
Pension Mokurin ㈲ Nagato Kogyo
Villa Abierta Kurosawa landscaping
P. Joy house Daimon Cotton shop industry
Wada Forest Akakura Ito Stone Shop
Miyashita Hills Kitahara Stone Shop
Services Furumachi Green education circle Wide run support
Nagato Onsen Yasuragi no Yu Shinano Construction
Watanabe car Kanai Gumi Co., Ltd.
Aimu cutting core Ito interior
A&I Wada ㈲ Imaizumi Construction Industry
Sakaeya ​​Nagato store Haneda Corporation
Ikeda car ㈲ Kudo Industry
Art garage Koyama Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Apple beauty salon Kumida Sheet Metal Factory
Prier Furuhata tatami store
Omi beauty salon Toho Corporation
Nagakubo Nakahara Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. Castle architecture (Aohara)
㈲ Kato Automobile Sheet Metal Industry Nagawa Factory Haneda painting
Farmer and Nofu Yamatsune Co., Ltd.
Daimon Nagato Ranch Co., Ltd.  
㈲ Ogino Motors  
office Luck Pond    
Himeki Resort Maintenance Co., Ltd. Note: ● Yasuragi no Yu and Fureai no Yu are "count tickets"
   For purchasing "XNUMX-month ticket", "half-year ticket", "annual ticket"
   You can use it at.
㈲ Takayama Family Farm
Wada Shinwa Tourism ㈲
Katsuno Motor  
Ran beauty salon Note: ◆JA Green Farm Yodakubo Southern Store
   It can be used for purchase.
   Only "Support with everyone! Lively ticket (500 yen ticket)" only
   Please note that it will be handled as.
PCS service
Asahi Beauty Salon
Miyashita Machine Clinic
Yanagisawa Motors  
Ito Motor  Regular lively tickets can be purchased at the Nagawa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Headquarters, Wada Branch, as well as at ★ stores, Himeki no Mori.
Wadajuku Onsen Fureai no Yu ●
Cairo Salon Citrus
Wada Bus ㈲
Barber Ueno


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