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Announcement for "Hometown CM Grand Prize NAGANO" works

Published 2020 years 06 month 30 Date

Last updated 2020 years 06 month 30 Date

We are looking for works of "abn, 20 oldness and CM grand prix NAGANO" which reaches the XNUMXth.

In many towns, many people apply for works that introduce the attractions of Nagawa-cho, such as "highlights" and "activities involved in town development," both inside and outside the prefecture. As a payment
We look forward to receiving your application.

Application guidelines

・Work content

Unreleased commercial work for XNUMX seconds
However, items that violate public order and morals or contribute to the promotion of commercial organizations are excluded.

·Qualification requirements

Individuals or groups living in the town, working, or attending school, or groups participating in town-building related projects

・Number of applications

XNUMX point for the same individual or group

・Notes on production

Please be sure to read the "Cautions on work creation" and "Cases related to copyright" presented by the organizer, and be sure to comply with them.

1 abn Application Guidelines [PDF: 142KB]

2 Precautions for making entries [PDF: 212KB]

3 Examples of copyright [PDF: 113KB]

How to Apply

By window submission, mail, or file transmission service (File Post https://file-post.net)

Application letters

・Application form designated by town (4-1 Town application style [DOCX: 16KB]

*Note When using the file transmission service, please do not attach it when sending by the organizer.

・Two Blu-ray discs containing the work (for submitting by the sponsor/for saving the town) or data files

*Note The file format is limited to that specified by the organizer.

・Work cover letter designated by the organizer (4-2 Work cover letter [DOCX: 20KB]

・Copyright check sheet designated by the organizer (4-3 Copyright Check Sheet [PDF: 123KB]


October 10th (Friday) *In case of mail, postmark is valid on the day

However, in the case of submission by file transmission service, please send it to the organizer and the section in charge of the town by Monday, October 10.


• Copyright of the work

Regarding the copyright of the submitted work, it is assumed that you have consented to the following.

1. Nagawa Town uses video works as part of public relations activities

2. The right of Nagano Asahi Broadcasting to use all domestic and foreign media and the secondary usage right of works belong to Asahi Broadcasting Nagano.

★Nagawa Town PR activity cooperation fee

We will pay about 1 yen for each work submitted.
In addition, if you are selected for the final judge's work held on December 12th (Sunday), you will be charged separately.

For details, please visit the website below or contact the Town Section.

◆Nagano Asahi Broadcasting Website

"20th abn, XNUMX oldness and CM grand prize NAGANO" holding essential point


*You can also view past entries.

Contact information and data file submission destination

・Thing about application to town

Nagawa Office Information and Public Relations Division Information and Public Relations Section

Email: catv@town.nagawa.nagano.jp

Telephone: 0268-75-2043 FAX: 0268-68-4139

・Thing about work production

Nagano Asahi Broadcasting Co., Ltd. "Hometown CM Grand Prize Secretariat" / Takahashi

Email: furusatocm@abn-tv.co.jp

Telephone: 026-213-8200 FAX: 026-223-3158

Contact Us

Information Public Relations Division information Publicist
PHONE: 0268-75-2043

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