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Child allowance (single parent)

Published 2020 years 12 month 24 Date

Last updated 2023 years 09 month 13 Date

 Child-rearing allowance helps single-parent families raising children who do not share the same livelihood with their father or mother due to their parents' divorce, etc.
 This is an allowance for children paid for the purpose of promoting the welfare of children.


 A father who takes custody of a child who falls under any of the following, or a person who raises a child on behalf of a mother or parents.
The allowance will be paid until the end of the fiscal year in which the child reaches the age of 18.

 However, to the extent that the child is stipulated by government ordinance
If you have a disability that requires special child rearing allowance), you will be paid up to the age of 20.


  • Children who are not living with their father or mother after their parents have divorced
  • Child whose father or mother died
  • Children whose father or mother is in a severely disabled state (National Pension disability grade XNUMX)
  • Child whose life or death of father or mother is not clear
  • Children who have been abandoned by their father or mother for more than XNUMX year
  • Children whose father or mother received a DV protection order
  • Children whose father or mother has been detained for more than one year by law
  • A child whose mother was born without being married
  • Children whose parents are unknown

  The requirement for payment for a parent-child family is that the child is in custody and has the same livelihood.

  Even if the above applies, the allowance will not be paid in the following cases.


  • When the father or mother, caregiver or child does not have an address in Japan
  • When the child is in a child welfare facility or is entrusted to a foster parent
  • When the child is nurtured by a spouse (including family relationships) of mother or father
  • When father, mother, or caregiver can receive public pension benefit

  * Depending on the amount of public pension received, you may be able to receive the allowance.Please contact us for details.


[Review of combined payment of disability pension and child-rearing allowance]

 Single-parent families receiving a disability pension cannot receive the child-rearing allowance if the amount of the disability pension exceeds the amount of the child-rearing allowance. ,
The Child Rearing Allowance Act has been partially revised, and from March 3, it will be possible to receive the difference between the amount of Child Rearing Allowance and the additional portion of disability pension for children as Child Rearing Allowance. .

 In addition, those who receive public pensions other than the basic disability pension, etc. (those who do not receive the basic disability pension, etc.) (*)
Even after this revision, there is no change in the range of public pensions, etc. to be adjusted, so if the amount of public pensions, etc. is less than the amount of child-rearing allowance, you can receive the difference as child-rearing allowance.


  • Those who receive only public pensions other than disability pensions such as survivor's pension, old-age pension, workers' accident compensation pension, and survivor's compensation, and disability welfare pension (3rd grade).
    After the allowance for March 3rd year of Reiwa, tax-exempt public pension benefits, etc. (disability pension, survivor's pension, work-related accident pension, survivor's compensation, etc.) )It is included.
  • Those who have already been certified as eligible for Child Rearing Allowance do not need to apply.Others need to apply.Please contact the person in charge for details such as required documents.

   Review of combined payment of disability pension and child-rearing allowance [PDF: 228KB]


[Procedure method]

 Those who meet the eligibility requirements must complete the procedure at the Child Health Promotion Division.It will take some time, so please come with plenty of time.
 In addition, it is necessary to submit a "certification invoice" for the procedure.In addition, the documents to be submitted vary depending on the applicable requirements.Please contact the person in charge for details.

[Required for certification]

  • seal
  • Those who know the personal number (applicant and target children)
  • A copy of the family register of the applicant and the target child 
  • Those who know the basic pension number (pensionpocket book)
  • Those who know the transfer account of the applicant

[Payment amount] 

             Monthly Child Rearing Allowance * As of April 5, 4th year of Reiwa

Target number of children

Monthly allowance

All provided

Partially paid

When one child


From 10,410 yen to 44,130 yen depending on income

Additional amount for the second child


From 5,210 yen to 10,410 yen depending on income

Additional amount for the third and subsequent children


From 3,130 yen to 6,240 yen depending on income

 In odd-numbered months (November, January, March, May, July, September), payments will be made six times a year for the two months up to the previous month.


 Even after being certified as an allowance, it is necessary to submit a "status report" every August for examination of payment requirements.
 If you do not submit a notification of your current situation, your allowances may stop being paid after November, or you may not be able to receive them.
 Even if you submit a status report, the allowance may change or not be paid depending on the household situation and the amount of income of the previous year.

If any of the following conditions apply, please notify us immediately.

  • When the household status differs from the notification.
  • When the address is changed due to relocation.
  • When the name etc. is changed (including the name change of the bank account)
  • When you no longer meet the requirements for child support allowance due to marriage.

 If you no longer meet the requirements for receiving the allowance due to reasons such as marriage or moving, please notify us immediately.
 If you receive the allowance without making a notification, you will be required to return the allowance amount paid from the time you are no longer eligible to receive the allowance until the end of the procedure for any reason.


Children's Health Promotion Division child care support engagement
TEL : 0268-75-2069

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