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About payment of injury and sickness allowance

Published 2020 years 06 month 02 Date

Last updated 2023 years 03 month 08 Date

 About payment of injury and sickness allowance


 An insured person of the Nagawa Town National Health Insurance has been infected with a new coronavirus infection, or has symptoms such as a fever and is suspected of being infected.
 Injury and Sickness Allowance will be paid for the period during which the employee was unable to work due to medical treatment (limited to cases where certain requirements are met).

 An application is required to receive the payment.Be sure to call in advancePlease contact us.

Telephone Townsman Welfare Division Insurance Section 75-2079

Payment requirements

Eligible persons

 An insured person of the Nagawa Town National Health Insurance who is receiving salary and has symptoms such as infection with the new coronavirus infection or fever.
Those who required medical treatment due to suspected infection, were unable to engage in work, and were unable to receive full or partial salary payment.

Payment period

 Period from the day when XNUMX days have passed since the day when he/she is no longer able to submit to labor


 Most recent continued3Total monthly salary income ÷ working days x two-thirds x number of days (number of days to be paid)

 (Note) If you can receive all or part of your salary, the payment amount may be adjusted or may not be paid.

Applicable period

 ReiwaTwoFrom January 9st to September 30th (however, if hospitalization continues, up to XNUMX year)6Up to months)

 * The applicable period has been extended to September 5, 5th year of Reiwa.

Application method

 Since I will explain the details of the procedure,Be sure to call in advanceTownsman Welfare Division Insurance SectionPlease contact us.

 Required documents will be sent by mail.