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About Nagawa-cho business continuation benefit

Published 2020 years 05 month 18 Date

Last updated 2020 years 05 month 18 Date

Subsidize working capital to corporations or individual businesses that are motivated to continue their business in order to mitigate the deterioration of business performance of businesses in towns, whose sales have dropped significantly due to the spread of new coronavirus infections By doing so, we will provide benefits for the purpose of stabilizing the Honcho economy and promoting regional vitality.


Any of the following shall apply.

  • As of the application date, small and medium-sized enterprises, etc. who have been in business for more than XNUMX months and have an address in the town, or those who are in the town. However, this shall not apply to those who the mayor finds appropriate in light of the purpose of the preceding article.
  • Sales from January to February of Reiwa 20 have decreased by 31% or more compared to the same month of the previous year. If the company is founded for less than one year, the average of sales in the past three months including the target month is regarded as the same month last year. If the same month of the previous year cannot be represented, the average of the yearly sales of the first year of Heiwa (Heisei 12) divided by December is regarded as the sales of the same month of the previous year.
  • Willingness to continue business activities even after payment of benefits.
  • As a general rule, you must not be delinquent in town tax until January 31, XNUMX.
  • Representative, officer or use of application company (person or other employee or member is not involved in gangs stipulated in Nagawa-cho gang exclusion regulations (December 25, 12 regulations No. 25)) thing.

Benefit amount

The target month is any month from February to May, 2, and the amount obtained by multiplying the difference from the same month last year by the payment rate set according to the sales decrease rate below, or as follows: On the other hand, set an upper limit and pay the lower amount (round down to the nearest thousand yen).

Number of payments

Only once per company.

Application period

From Thursday, May 21, 31 to Friday, July XNUMX

Application forms

  • Nagawa Town Business Continuation Benefit Payment Application Form and Invoice
  • Copy of documents certifying sales
  • Copy of passbook
  • Copy of identity verification documents

For details of the attached documents, please see the application and invoice.

Application method

The application window will be the Nagawamachi Chamber of Commerce. Be sure to make a reservation with the Chamber of Commerce when applying.
Nagawamachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Telephone 68-2651) Reservation acceptance time: Weekdays XNUMX am to XNUMX pm

Payment of benefits

The following table shows.

After the application and invoice are examined and the grant is decided, the "Notice of grant and transfer notice" will be sent.
About filling in the transfer account to improve the efficiency of the benefit business

  • Hachijuni Bank Maruko Branch
  • Shinshu Ueda Agricultural Cooperative, Yodabo Southern Branch
  • Ueda Shinkin Bank Yodakubo Branch
  • Nagano Credit Union Maruko Branch

Please specify.

* If you cannot specify the above financial institutions or branches, please contact us.

01 Continuous benefit leaflet [PDF: 67KB]

02 Nagawa-machi business continuation benefit payment guidelines [PDF: 82KB]

03 Nagawa-machi business continuation benefit payment application and invoice [PDF: 128KB]

03 Nagawa Town Business Continuing Benefits Payment Application and Invoice [XLSX: 28KB]

04 Trial balance [PDF: 66KB]

Contact Us

Industry Promotion Division Chamber of Commerce and Industry tourism engagement
PHONE: 0268-75-2047

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