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About decentralized school attendance at elementary and junior high schools

Published 2020 years 05 month 15 Date

Last updated 2020 years 05 month 15 Date

Regarding elementary and junior high schools, the school will be temporarily closed until May XNUMXst (Sun), but the school will be distributed for the following periods.

■ Distributed school period

May XNUMXth (Mon) -May XNUMXth (Fri)

■ Distributed school method

◇ Elementary school XNUMXnd, XNUMXth, XNUMXth grade students on even days, XNUMXst, XNUMXrd, XNUMXth grade students on odd days

◇ Junior high school, one class each grade, attending twice a week

* Depending on the infection status of the new coronavirus, the measures for decentralized school attendance may be changed.

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