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About outbreak of new coronavirus infectious disease person infected in Ueda-shi

Published 2020 years 05 month 07 Date

Last updated 2020 years 05 month 07 Date

 From May XNUMXnd, XNUMX people infected with the new coronavirus infection have been confirmed in Ueda City.
 According to the prefecture, there are XNUMX close contacts, of which XNUMX are PCR tests, XNUMX are positive, XNUMX are negative, and the remaining XNUMX are under test.

 Currently, the cumulative number of infected people in the prefecture is 73, of which 33 have already been discharged.

 Even if you are careful about the new coronavirus infection, anyone can get infected.Please act calmly based on accurate information to prevent unfair discrimination, prejudice, bullying, etc. against infected people, healthcare professionals and their families.

 We ask the townspeople to continue to avoid [XNUMX dense] "closed spaces with poor ventilation", "dense places where many people gather", and "close places where people can talk and speak up close" and do their best to do what they can. I'm here.

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