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About special fixed benefit

Published 2020 years 05 month 19 Date

Last updated 2020 years 05 month 19 Date

On April 2, 4, the Cabinet of Japan decided on "emergency economic measures for new coronavirus infectious diseases".
Among them, in order to support households promptly and accurately with a simple mechanism while paying attention to the prevention of the spread of infection, a special fixed-amount benefit project will be implemented to provide a uniform 10 yen per person. Was announced by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.
In Nagato Town, application and payment will start as follows.


All persons (including alien registration) recorded in the Basic Resident Register on the basic date (April 27, XNUMX) are eligible.


Head of household to which the beneficiary belongs

Reception period

Online electronic application method using my number
From Friday, May 17 to Monday, August XNUMX

Application method by application form
From Monday, May 18 to Monday, August 17

Application method

Application by one of the following methods is necessary in consideration of the spread of infection.

□ Application method by mail

  1. XNUMX. An application form and an envelope for reply will be sent from Nagawa Town to the head of the household with a resident card.
  2. XNUMX. The head of household confirms the names of household members on the application form.
  3. XNUMX. Fill in the necessary information such as the account number of the financial institution in the name of the head of household (transfer destination of benefits).
  4. XNUMX. Confirmation documents etc. of the transfer destination financial institution
    • Copy of passbook or copy of cash card (financial institution name, branch name, account number, recipient name must be confirmed)
    • Documents that can verify your identity with a copy of your personal number card, driver's license, health insurance card, pension notebook, etc.
  5. XNUMX. Please reply by enclosing the application form with the necessary information in the reply envelope and the documents in XNUMX.
  6. XNUMX. Nagawa Town will accept the application form, check the contents, and transfer the benefits to the designated account.

□ Online electronic application method using my number card

It starts from May XNUMXst (Friday).

  1. XNUMX. Make an application on the "Miner Portal" site established by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.
  2. XNUMX. Upload the documents that can confirm the transfer destination account.
  3. XNUMX. Based on the electronic application information, the benefits will be transferred to the designated account.

□ Payment date

Payment will be made sequentially from the end of May based on the application.

□ Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Call Center

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has set up a "special fixed benefit call center" to answer inquiries regarding special fixed benefit (tentative name).

Telephone 0120-260-020 (Toll-free response time zone: Weekdays after May 9, 00:18 to 30:XNUMX regardless of holidays)

Beware of scams pretending to be benefit payments

Please be aware that fraudulent emails regarding special fixed benefit payments such as "Click here to apply for 10 yen" are now widespread.

Special fixed benefit portal site

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