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Information on cancellation and postponement of events, etc.

Published 2020 years 09 month 04 Date

Last updated 2021 years 06 month 08 Date

Scheduled to hold festivals and other events in Nagawa Town in the XNUMXrd year of Reiwa (as of June)

We are discontinuing or considering to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.


  Cancel Under consideration (scheduled date)
June All Town Cherry Blossom Movement Forestry Section (75-2047)
Townsman Golf Tournament Board of Education (68-2127)
August Himeki Festival Daimon Branch (68-2151)
Wada-shuku Post Festival Commerce and Tourism Section (75-2047)
Scholar Village Festival (8/7) Villa clerk (68-2191)
Beautiful pine festival (8/14) Villa clerk (68-2191)
September Oyama Lion Festival Nagakubo Branch (68-3105) Townspeople Athletic Meet (9/26) Board of Education (68-2127)
October   Tartary buckwheat harvest festival (10/10) Special product development staff (75-2047)
Utsukushigahara Trail Run in Nagawa Shinshu / Nagawa Town Tourism Association (68-0006)
November   Nakasendo Wada-shuku New Soba Festival (11/3) Agricultural Administration Section (75-2047)
Comprehensive Cultural Festival (11 / 6-11 / 7) Board of Education (68-2127)
January   Coming-of-age ceremony (1/2) Board of Education (68-2127)

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