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Nagano Prefecture Emergency Situation Declaration

Published 2020 years 05 month 07 Date

Last updated 2020 years 05 month 07 Date

Emergency measures in Nagano prefecture to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection

April 17, XNUMXnd year of reiwa
New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Nagano Prefecture Countermeasures Headquarters

 In response to the announcement of a state of emergency covering seven prefectures on April XNUMX, this prefecture has set a period for strengthening infection control, and has also declared a new coronavirus warning in both Nagano and Matsumoto areas. We have made every effort to prevent infection, such as by issuing an announcement.
 What is the general policy for dealing with the new coronavirus infection in Japan?

  • Contain clusters and reduce contact opportunities in each region to control the rate of infection spread
  • Make every effort to minimize the number of seriously ill and fatal people
  • Minimize impact on social and economic functions

With the expansion of the target area of ​​the emergency declaration to the whole country, it is required that all prefectures work together to reinforce measures.
Especially in this prefecture, the trend of infection spread continues due to the movement of people from the infected areas, and if people move to this prefecture in the long holidays, the spread will spread rapidly within the area. There is a risk that medical treatment will malfunction. Such "infection spread due to the movement of people" is a major risk facing not only this prefecture but also the nationwide spread of infection, and it is the most urgent need to take adequate measures against it. It is where you are.

 Based on this, in addition to the efforts so far, we will implement or request the strengthening of the following efforts until May XNUMX, when this prefecture is the target area of ​​the state of emergency.

 For citizens of the prefecture and businesses, refrain from going to and from areas where infection has spread, reduce opportunities for contact with people as much as possible, prevent infection at medical institutions, and avoid entering and exiting places with a high risk of infection. We have made various requests in line with the "Infection Countermeasures Strengthening Period" and the "New Coronavirus Warning Declaration".In addition to these, we will make even stricter requests, but we ask for your understanding and cooperation in order to protect ourselves and the lives of our loved ones.

Let's work together as a citizen of the prefecture to overcome this difficult situation.

About Nagano Prefecture's response to the extension of the emergency declaration period

The policy of all prefectures working together

  • Suppress the rate of infection spread by containing clusters and reducing contact opportunities
  • Make every effort to minimize the number of seriously injured and fatal people
  • Minimize impact on social and economic functions

Points that Nagano Prefecture focuses on

  • Preventing "nationwide spread of infection due to movement of people" ahead of large holidays
  • Request for more rigorous behavior changes than the "New Coronavirus Warning Declaration" being issued


45 To the citizens of the prefecture (Article 1, Paragraph XNUMX of the Act on Special Measures Against New Influenza)

[A thorough request to refrain from going out]

○ With the goal of reducing contact with people by XNUMX%, we request the residents and those who are staying within the prefecture not to go out unless it is necessary to maintain their lives.
Staying at home is the best option to protect the health of your precious family and yourself. Also, keep in mind your family's health care.

When necessary to maintain life

Outpatient visits to medical institutions, purchase of daily necessities such as food, commuting to the workplace at the minimum necessary for business continuity, walks necessary to maintain good health, etc.

[Request for self-restraint to move across prefectures]

○ Basically, do not move across prefectures, including during the long holiday period.
In addition, even if you live outside the prefecture, please do not come to this prefecture from outside the prefecture, such as when you need to return home or make an unnecessary trip.
 In addition, please continue to thoroughly implement the various requests we have made to prevent infection.

XNUMX To all businesses

[Request for business continuity of designated public institutions, etc.]

○ Designated public institutions, designated local public institutions, and other businesses (infrastructure, supply of daily necessities, finance, logistics / transportation, etc.) necessary for maintaining social life are included in the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) even if postponed. Take thorough measures to prevent infection so that the business can continue based on the above.

[Request for thorough infection prevention measures at general business establishments]

○ Commuting to the workplace is excluded from requests such as refraining from going out, but for businesses other than the above, proactively introduce telecommuting, telework, staggered work etc., and go to the workplace when it is possible. Please try to make the number of staff members significantly smaller than usual.
Also, reduce the density of people in the workplace, and thoroughly implement infection control measures such as encouraging hand washing, wearing a mask, and regular ventilation.

[Request for thorough infection prevention measures at restaurants and supermarkets]

○ In restaurants, strengthen infection control measures such as by keeping customers at intervals, and actively consider introducing home delivery and takeout.
  In addition, in stores such as supermarkets that are used by unspecified people, please take precautions to prevent infection, such as keeping a distance when you line up at the cash register.

[Examination of facility use restrictions]

○ Regarding restrictions on the use of facilities, etc., we will discuss with the government in the future, after fully considering the effect of preventing the spread of infection and the impact on the people's lives and the prefecture's economy.

Approach as XNUMX prefectures

[School closures, etc.]

○ All prefectural schools will be closed at the same time. If it is unavoidable to send children and students to school, we will take further measures to prevent the spread of infection.
We request the municipalities to take similar measures.

[Stop of prefectural facilities]

○ Because there is a risk of attracting users from outside the prefecture, the prefectural facilities used by an unspecified number of people will be suspended, except for facilities for maintaining social life. We also request the municipalities to consider accommodations, roadside stations, campsites, museums and other facilities for attracting guests, including suspensions.

[Strengthening medical provision and inspection systems]

○ We will promptly strengthen the medical provision system and the inspection system by, for example, quickly setting up a place in each region that consistently performs from initial diagnosis to sample collection.

[Reform of prefecture's business system]

○ The prefectural government must ensure the execution system for "measures against new-type coronavirus infectious diseases" and "operations that have a large impact on the prefectural people's lives and property," and for other operations, the offices The number of employees will be reduced by about XNUMX% of normal times.


[Request for appropriate purchasing activities]

○ Please do not buy up daily commodities, as there will be no complete stoppage in logistics and transportation.

[Request for consideration of human rights]

Message from the Governor of Nagano [PNG: 273KB]

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