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New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control Headquarters Meeting

Published 2020 years 04 month 02 Date

Last updated 2020 years 04 month 28 Date

Installation date: February XNUMX, Reiwa XNUMX

Purpose:TownspeopleThe spread and spread of infection,townPeople ’s life andtownMinimizing the impact on the domestic economy,townStarting with the peopletownTo reduce anxiety of tourists visiting the inside.


General Manager: Mayor Haneda
Deputy Director: Takamizawa Deputy Mayor Tatsuno Superintendent of Education
Members: Each section manager, etc. Yodakubo Hospital General Affairs Division
The secretariat: Child Health Promotion Section Health Promotion Section General Affairs Section General Affairs Section

The XNUMXth New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control Headquarters Meeting
The date and time: From 45:XNUMX am on Thursday, April XNUMX, XNUMX in Nagawa Town Office Disaster Countermeasures Office

(XNUMX) About correspondence of elementary and junior high school

(XNUMX) About staff management and system

XNUMX. Staff management

  • Conduct temperature measurement of staff and family members. (For the time being twice in the morning and evening)

37. If the person and the family living in the room have a temperature of XNUMX ° C or higher, it will be a vacation.
For families living under 18 years of age, the temperature must be 37.5 degrees or higher.
In addition, depending on the situation, consult the health and welfare office by telephone and consult a medical institution
And report the results to your supervisor.
XNUMX. Purchase a non-contact thermometer.
XNUMX. Check your body temperature from time to time.

XNUMX. Staff system

  • When infection is confirmed by staff
    • Follow the instructions of the health and welfare office. (Think about three days of complete business suspension.)
    • Selection of priority work at emergency and confirmation of required number of people.
    • Based on the business continuity plan, only the emergency priority work will be done and normal work will be suspended for about two weeks.
    • In the meantime, make sure to do XNUMX and report when you go to work.

XNUMX. When infection is confirmed in Ueda Health and Welfare Office jurisdiction

  • Request self-restraint of events, events, meetings, meetings, etc. for about two weeks after confirmation. If it is absolutely necessary to hold the event, avoid "XNUMX dense" and implement it in a short time.
  • Suspend or block public facilities.

XNUMX. Other

  • Restrictions for visitors
    From March XNUMXst, greetings for the new fiscal year and refuses to visit sales and other businesses.

(XNUMX) Other information sharing

The XNUMXth New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control Headquarters Meeting

For the time being, the following are the criteria for town-sponsored events and events and facility management. In addition, in the case of event that town co-hosts or gives a lecture, we request that organizers perform the same correspondence.

  1. XNUMX. Based on the situation of infection in and around the town, avoid the three conditions shown in the following judgment viewpoint, the size of participants, whether or not participants can be identified, the time required for events, etc., it is difficult to thoroughly implement infection prevention measures If the risk of infection spread is considered to be low, taking into account the degree of infection, take appropriate measures to prevent infection.
    • (Judgment perspective)
      In determining risk, the most important viewpoint is to determine whether the three conditions common to places where outbreaks have been confirmed so far in Japan can be avoided.
      • Closed space with poor ventilation
      • A crowded place where many gather
      • Close scenes of close conversations and utterances
      • (Examples with low risk of infection)
      • Various contrivances were made to avoid the three conditions
      • Outdoor events for townspeople
      • Small events, etc. in which participants were identified
  2. XNUMX. The following events are considered postponed or discontinued because the risk of infection spread is considered high.
    • (Examples of high infection risk)
      • National large-scale events, etc.
      • Events, etc. that are expected to involve many people who are likely to be severely ill (elderly people, people with underlying diseases, etc.)
      • Events where it is difficult to avoid the three conditions depending on the conditions of the venue, whether indoors or outdoors
      • In the event of an infection, an event where a large number of participants are expected or it is difficult to identify the participants, making it difficult for the event organizer to reliably contact and investigate the participants
  3. XNUMX. When holding events, etc., refer to the attached “Examples of infection control measures in places where many people participate” and make the utmost consideration to prevent the spread of infection by observing the following standards. I do.
    • Participants who have symptoms such as a cold or who have returned within 14 days from the overseas quarantine area are not allowed to participate.
    • People who are likely to be severely ill (elderly people, those with underlying illnesses, etc.) are encouraged to make careful decisions about participation in advance.
    • Identify all participants and ensure that all individuals are contacted and investigated if any are infected.
    • In events where the number of participants can be reduced, the number of participants is reduced and the risk of infection is reduced.
    • For events held indoors, implement ventilation, secure the distance between participants (more than reachable), and implement measures to prevent droplet infection (minimize the opportunity to speak out and If you wear a mask).
    • For events and the like that are held outdoors, care should be taken so that there is no chance of crowding, including before and after the event.
  4. XNUMX. We will also consider the active use of holding methods that do not gather in groups, such as videoconferencing, Internet broadcasting, and later viewing by recording.
  5. XNUMX. The town-owned facilities will be opened after taking sufficient precautionary measures against infection, as it is considered possible to operate the facilities to avoid the three conditions.
  6. XNUMX. If you are absent from an event etc. due to poor physical condition such as a cold symptom, or if you cancel an event etc. using prefectural facilities, no cancellation fee will be collected for the time being.
  7. XNUMX. For meetings involving eating and drinking, participate or hold the meeting, taking into account the prevention of infection, referring to the attached “Ingenuity in Holding a Reception (Example)”.

XNUMXrd New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control Headquarters Meeting


XNUMXnd Meeting of the New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control Headquarters Meeting
The date and time: From XNUMX:XNUMX pm on Friday, February XNUMX, XNUMX in Nagawa-cho government office disaster response room

Meeting contents

  • Information sharing of new coronavirus infection
  • Future actions
    • About closure of elementary and junior high schools
    • About children's house
    • About Nursery School
    • Other use of public facilities
    • About cancellation or postponement of event hosted by Nagawa-cho
    • About all house distribution of infection prevention flyer


XNUMXst Evolutionary Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control Headquarters
The date and time: From XNUMX:XNUMX am on Thursday, February XNUMX, XNUMX in Nagawa Town Office Disaster Countermeasures Office

Meeting contents

  • Establishment of New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control Headquarters
  • Information sharing of new coronavirus infection
  • Future actions


About standard of holding of event, event sponsored by town concerning new coronavirus infectious disease

February XNUMX, Reiwa XNUMX
Nagawa-cho New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control Headquarters

Many cases of new coronavirus infection have been reported in Japan, and taking into account the situation in Nagano Prefecture, from the viewpoint of preventing the spread of infection, the standard for holding events and events organized by the town is set as follows. .


XNUMX Basic idea

  1. (XNUMX) Consider postponing or canceling events / events where a large number of participants gather as having a high risk of infection. In particular, if the number of participants is unspecified, it shall be postponed or suspended in principle.
    In addition, if the number of participants is not necessarily large, those intended to provide food and drinks, those who stay in a small indoor space for a long time, or those who are more likely to have a high risk of illness gather, in principle, postponement or , Will be canceled.
  2. (XNUMX) If the event must be held at this time and it is difficult to change the implementation date (such as a graduation ceremony), limit the participants as much as possible, and thoroughly implement measures to prevent infectious diseases. We perform alerting of enough and hold.

XNUMX Infection prevention measures at the venue

  1. (XNUMX) At the event, at all events and events, we will recommend hand washing and cough etiquette to participants, install alcohol disinfectants, and request non-participants to those with cold symptoms.
  2. (XNUMX) The number of participants and the holding time shall be kept to a minimum.

XNUMX application period

This standard will be applied from February XNUMX to March XNUMX for the time being.

* Meetings and other events hosted by the town will be considered according to the above.


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