New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Related Information

Published 2020 years 04 month 02 Date

Last updated 2020 years 04 month 02 Date

New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Countermeasures

(XNUMX) About correspondence of elementary and junior high school
(XNUMX) About staff management and system
(XNUMX) Other information sharing

  • To traders

Due to the spread of new coronavirus infections, we have refused greetings, sales, and other officials from coming to Japan.

For the time being, the following are the criteria for town-sponsored events and events and facility management. In addition, in the case of event that town co-hosts or gives a lecture, we request that organizers perform the same correspondence.

  1. XNUMX. Based on the situation of infection in and around the town, avoid the three conditions shown in the following judgment viewpoint, the size of participants, whether or not participants can be identified, the time required for events, etc., it is difficult to thoroughly implement infection prevention measures If the risk of infection spread is considered to be low, taking into account the degree of infection, take appropriate measures to prevent infection.
    • (Judgment perspective)
      In determining risk, the most important viewpoint is to determine whether the three conditions common to places where outbreaks have been confirmed so far in Japan can be avoided.
      • Closed space with poor ventilation
      • A crowded place where many gather
      • Close scenes of close conversations and utterances
      • (Examples with low risk of infection)
      • Various contrivances were made to avoid the three conditions
      • Outdoor events for townspeople
      • Small events, etc. in which participants were identified
  2. XNUMX. The following events are considered postponed or discontinued because the risk of infection spread is considered high.
    • (Examples of high infection risk)
      • National large-scale events, etc.
      • Events, etc. that are expected to involve many people who are likely to be severely ill (elderly people, people with underlying diseases, etc.)
      • Events where it is difficult to avoid the three conditions depending on the conditions of the venue, whether indoors or outdoors
      • In the event of an infection, an event where a large number of participants are expected or it is difficult to identify the participants, making it difficult for the event organizer to reliably contact and investigate the participants
  3. XNUMX. When holding events, etc., refer to the attached “Examples of infection control measures in places where many people participate” and make the utmost consideration to prevent the spread of infection by observing the following standards. I do.
    • Participants who have symptoms such as a cold or who have returned within 14 days from the overseas quarantine area are not allowed to participate.
    • People who are likely to be severely ill (elderly people, those with underlying illnesses, etc.) are encouraged to make careful decisions about participation in advance.
    • Identify all participants and ensure that all individuals are contacted and investigated if any are infected.
    • In events where the number of participants can be reduced, the number of participants is reduced and the risk of infection is reduced.
    • For events held indoors, implement ventilation, secure the distance between participants (more than reachable), and implement measures to prevent droplet infection (minimize the opportunity to speak out and If you wear a mask).
    • For events and the like that are held outdoors, care should be taken so that there is no chance of crowding, including before and after the event.
  4. XNUMX. We will also consider the active use of holding methods that do not gather in groups, such as videoconferencing, Internet broadcasting, and later viewing by recording.
  5. XNUMX. The town-owned facilities will be opened after taking sufficient precautionary measures against infection, as it is considered possible to operate the facilities to avoid the three conditions.
  6. XNUMX. If you are absent from an event etc. due to poor physical condition such as a cold symptom, or if you cancel an event etc. using prefectural facilities, no cancellation fee will be collected for the time being.
  7. XNUMX. For meetings involving eating and drinking, participate or hold the meeting, taking into account the prevention of infection, referring to the attached “Ingenuity in Holding a Reception (Example)”.

Examples of infection control measures at many participating venues [PDF: 200KB]

  • The suspension of experiential learning at the Kuroyoishi Experience Museum and the Primitive and Ancient Roman Experience Center has been extended until March 31 (Tue). In detailshop

  • The XNUMXrd meeting of the New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control Headquarters Meeting was held.

  • March XNUMX A new type of coronavirus infection was newly confirmed in Minamimaki-mura, Minamisaku-gun.

If you have visited Takizawa Ranch in Nobeyama Kogen between last month XNUMXrd and March XNUMXst, please consult with Ueda Health and Welfare Office (XNUMX-XNUMX-XNUMX) regardless of any symptoms. .

Please wash your hands, gargle and cough etiquette to prevent infection.

About the use of public facilities

Nursery school, elementary school junior high school and educational facilities

  • Please see here for measures against school-related new coronavirus infections.
  • History Museum, Primitive / Ancient Roman Experience Museum, Black Yoseki Experience Museum Facility
    • Admission of visitors to the exhibition is as usual (continuation of opening will be determined based on trends in prefectural history museums, etc.)
    • The experience of the Primitive / Ancient Romantic Experience Center and the Kuro Yoseki Experience Museum are suspended from March 3 to March 5 (we announced on the website of the town and the museum's website. Wear masks and entrances when visiting the museum. We called for precautionary measures by using disinfectants. We will make a separate decision based on the situation after March 3.)
  • Events related to cultural properties
    • Meetings, lectures and workshops scheduled for March, and surveys conducted with the cooperation of outside the prefecture have been canceled or postponed.

Child care support

  • In child care support center, we cancel "lunch time" of every Wednesday with eating and drinking and offer of barley tea every day.
  • About infant screening and classroom
    • The infant health checkup on March XNUMX (Tue) will take preventive measures against infectious diseases and will be implemented. If you have a child or a family member who has a cold or fever, please refrain from visiting the hospital. Thank you. The schedule will be notified at a later date.

    • We plan to take preventive measures against infectious diseases in March and check it out. However, if you have cold symptoms or fever, please refrain from visiting the hospital. The schedule will be adjusted at a later date.

Commerce and tourism / villa area related

Response when a new type of corona occurs at a town-owned villa

Respond in principle when a town (jurisdiction) occurs

  • Restrictions on entry to administration centers

    • Suppress direct contact with owners, such as disinfectants and masks
    • Adjustment of the number of employees of the management center and the number of attendees according to the situation (reduction of staff)
    • Prohibition of use of gathering facilities such as mountain houses (restrictions)
  • Public relations, public relations

    • Utilize villa HP, urgent mail, etc. to inform owners
    • For requests and inquiries from owners, use telephone, e-mail, etc. in principle
    • Reinforcement of check system for visitors
  • Services provided

    • Tasks directly related to daily life, such as garbage collection, are implemented after taking measures to prevent infection.
    • Management work such as mowing and cleaning of gutters has been postponed (including requests for silver)
    • Restrictions on entry to the villa building, such as managers and contractors (prohibition)
  • Prohibition of gatherings, events, etc.

    • There is a risk of spread of the infection, so please refrain from holding in the villa area
    • Do not open temporary shelters in case of disaster unless there is danger to life property
    • As a general rule, stay (stand by) in each villa building

※In addition to the above

  • Case XNUMX: Staff / caretaker is affected

    • Closure and disinfection of management center → Transfer of management center function to government office building
    • Utilize villa HP, emergency mail, etc. to inform owners (requiring self-restraint for unnecessary and urgent visits)
    • Conduct PCR test for caretakers and contacts
    • Requests and inquiries from owners are limited to phone calls, emails, etc.
  • Case XNUMX: When an infected person appears in a town-run villa area

    • Cooperate in the prevention of epidemics under the direction of related organizations such as the Disaster Response Headquarters and public health centers
    • Care for visitor owners
      Request to return home to the owner according to the situation
      Introduction of medical institutions
      Distribution of daily necessities when a ban on going out is issued
    • Responding to settled owners
      Confirmation of the safety of the elderly, care, etc. (cooperation with the town and the elderly support department)
      Distribution of daily necessities when a ban on going out, etc. is issued (cooperation with town, crisis management department, senior citizen support department)

Information such as cancellation and postponement of events

Date Business place 対 応 contact information
4/4 Opening Saturday, Child Care Support Center Child care support center Cancel Child care support center
4/20 There was a cafe Town Hall Town Hall Cancel Elderly support engagement

Contact US

Children's Health Promotion Division health promotion engagement
Address: Health and Welfare Research Center
PHONE: 0268-68-3494
FAX: 0268-68-3798
General Affairs Division in charge of crisis management
Address: 4247-1 Nagano Prefecture Chiisagata-gun NAGAWA old-cho
PHONE: 0268-75-2040 (direct) 0268-68-3111 (representative)
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