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Reiwa XNUMXst year (March) Nagawa Town Assembly Regular Meeting General Interview

Published 2020 years 02 month 25 Date

Last updated 2020 years 03 month 03 Date

We will inform you about the general questions asked on March XNUMX (Fri) and the approximate time in the order they were spoken.

Order of remarks

Notification time

Representative name

Question matters






Watanabe Hisato


Nine: 00~10:00

(XNUMX) Disaster recovery plan and financial resources

(XNUMX) Strengthening disaster prevention

(XNUMX) About member of fire brigade activity cooperation

The mayor

Break (10Minutes)




Tanuku Mitsuko



(1) About National Health Insurance Tax

(XNUMX) About assistance for hearing aid purchase of age-related hearing loss

(XNUMX) About our town's response to the “Fiscal year appointment staff system”

The mayor

Break (10Minutes)




Keiichi Sato



(XNUMX) About policy of town about organic agriculture promotion plan and organic school lunch

(XNUMX) About measures of town about public facilities

The mayor

(Remark order)

  • Just fill in the address and name, you can listen anytime during the meeting, so please go to the Nagato-cho venue. There are restrictions on the number of people who can listen.
  • In addition, those who observe are requested to wear a mask.
  • Regarding time, it will be changed depending on the length of question time of each lawmaker


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