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Published 2020 years 02 month 01 Date

Last updated 2020 years 02 month 03 Date

In Nagawa-cho assembly, we issue "news from assembly" after regular meeting four times a year, and the townspeople show the state of the assembly, focusing on the deliberations at the plenary session, the examination contents at the committee, and general questions. Has notified.
It is also posted on the homepage. →http://town.nagawa.nagano.jp/categories/bunya/congress/news_congress/

The Congressional Newsletter Editing Committee has been examining the structure and content of the magazine from time to time, and has been striving to be a "congressional newsletter" that can be read by everyone, but is even more familiar with the townspeople. In order to obtain the "News from Congress", we have decided to conduct a questionnaire on "News from Congress" in order to ask for your opinions on the contents, magazines, editing, composition, etc. We would appreciate your honest feedback.

  • Questionnaire period: February 29 (Saturday), Reiwa XNUMX-Saturday, February XNUMX, Reiwa
  • Questionnaire collection broadcast: It can be submitted directly to the Nagawa Town Office, Office Wada Office, Office Daimon Office, Office Nagakubo Office, or can be sent by fax or e-mail to the Secretariat of the Assembly.
  • Fax destination: 0268-68-4139
  • Email address: gikai@town.nagawa.nagano.jp (
    If you submit by e-mail, please use the following questionnaire (PDF). )
    ★ Please put a ✓ in the corresponding box.
    ★ In addition, please fill in what you noticed. Any questions can be left blank.

    Questionnaire from "Assembly Information" [PDF: 336KB]

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