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About report of town, prefectural tax

Published 2020 years 01 month 24 Date

Last updated 2020 years 02 month 17 Date

 The town / prefectural tax is calculated at the government office based on the declaration from the individual, and the tax amount is notified to the person who is obliged to pay the tax and paid, so that the town can properly tax the tax.・ You are required to submit or mail a prefectural tax return.

★ Declaration period

February XNUMX (Mon)-March XNUMX (Mon) (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)

★ Declaration venue

Report place is "Nagawa-cho government office".
(Please note that there is no consultation at the branch or at the public hall.) If you do not have the convenience on the day of allocation, you can report on a convenient day.

■ Declaration target person

 Regardless of whether or not you have income, as of January XNUMX, XNUMXnd year of Reiwa, all people who have a resident registration in Nagawa Town are eligible.Please declare your income during the previous year (January XNUMXst to December XNUMXst).

 The town / prefectural tax return is the basic material for calculating national health insurance tax, medical insurance premiums for the elderly, and long-term care insurance premiums.If you do not declare it, you will not be able to know that you do not have income, you will not be eligible for reduction, you may not be able to issue income certificates, etc., and you may not be able to properly receive various administrative services, so please declare it. To do.

■ People who need to report town / prefectural tax

  • Those who have income such as business, agriculture, real estate, dividend, miscellaneous income, temporary income, transfer income etc.
  • Those who are not earned a salary payment report from the employer to the Nagawa Town Office
  • A person who has earned salary from two or more places
  • Person who had salary and non-salary income
  • Those who have been employed or retired in the middle of the year and have not made year-end adjustments
  • Dependent, but not the same household as the dependent
  • Persons with disabilities, widows (husbands), or minors, who earned less than XNUMX million yen in the previous year
    (Because the town / prefectural tax is exempt, please be sure to report.)
  • Insured person of the medical system for elder senior citizens, members of the National Health Insurance and their heads of household
    (If there is no declaration, you will not be able to calculate insurance premiums or judge mitigation measures.)
  • Nursing-care insurance members XNUMX years or older and their household members
    (If there is no declaration, you will not be able to calculate insurance premiums or judge mitigation measures.)

■ Those who do not need to file a town / prefectural tax report

  • Person who submits income tax return
  • Those who have only earned income from one place, have no other income, have their year-end adjusted at their workplace, and have submitted a salary payment report to the Nagawa Town Office
  • Those who have only income, such as public pensions, have no other income, and fall under
    (XNUMX) Those under the age of XNUMX who earn XNUMX yen or less from public pensions
    (XNUMX) Those who are XNUMX years of age or older and earn an income of XNUMX million yen or less from public pensions
    * If you earn only from disability pensions and survivors' pensions, you must declare that the taxable income is zero.
  • Those who have no income during the first year of Reiwa and are dependent relatives (in accordance with tax law) in Nagawa-cho
    * In addition, those who are dependent relatives outside the town need to declare the town / prefectural tax.

■ What to bring at the time of declaration

  • Town and prefectural tax declaration and seal
  • Salary withholding slip or proof of payment such as wages
  • Public pension withholding slip
  • For those who report business income, real estate income, etc.
    (Please calculate the income and expenses in advance.)
  • Certificate of payment of life insurance, nursing care insurance, personal annuity insurance, earthquake insurance
  • Certificate of social insurance premium (national pension insurance) deduction, payment certificate, receipt, etc.
  • Medical expenses deduction statement
    * You can substitute the attachment of the medical expenses notice issued by the medical insurer. In that case, please provide the notice of the medical expenses issued and the statement of the receipt and sorting by hospital, pharmacy, etc. for each individual for November and December.
  • Special medical expenses deduction (self-medication taxation) statement (selection with medical expenses deduction)
    (Please prepare a statement that sorts and calculates the receipt for each individual pharmacy and drug.)
  • Person who receives person with a disability deduction is certificate of person targeted for person with a disability certificate or person with a disability deduction
  • My number card or notification card
  • Identification documents (driver's license, etc.)
  • Documents with user identification numbers (someone)

◆ User ID number is required

 From this time, when filing a tax return at the town venue, it is necessary to obtain a user identification number issued by the National Tax Agency.If you have not obtained it yet, please fill out the application form on the back of the "User identification number is required" distributed to all households together with the February issue of the public relations, and bring it with you when filing your tax return.Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in order to save time.

 Those who have previously obtained a user identification number at the tax office, those who have already submitted a user identification number application to the government office, or those who obtained a user identification number at the venue of the government office on November XNUMX, last year. Does not require prior acquisition.

◆ My number is necessary for report

 When submitting a tax return, it is necessary to list the individual number of the filer, spouse subject to deduction, dependent relatives, business full-time employee, etc.

 In addition, when submitting a tax return with My Number, we will also verify the identity of the filer, so please cooperate by presenting the identity verification documents or a copy.
 * Identity verification documents such as deductible spouses, dependents, and full-time business employees are not required.

[Example of identity verification documents]

Example XNUMX My number card
Example XNUMX You need a notification card, driver's license, insured card for public medical insurance, etc.

◆ Please check

 When filing a social insurance deduction in a town / prefectural tax return, the amount paid for national health insurance tax, long-term care insurance premium, and medical insurance premium for the elderly aged XNUMX or over is also deductible and can be deducted from the total income amount. ..The National Health Insurance tax payment certificate, which confirms the tax deduction amount, will be mailed at the end of January.If you wish to reissue it, please contact the tax office as it is issued free of charge.

■ If you do not know whether you need to file a report ...
 Please use the attached town / prefectural tax return as it can be judged from the figure on page XNUMX.

◆ Declaration by mail is possible

 Those who only need to file a town / prefectural tax and do not need to file a tax return can file a tax return by mail.

 Fill out the town / prefectural tax return that will be distributed to all households in accordance with the February issue of the public relations, and if there is a deduction for insurance premiums, please submit or mail it to the government office or each branch office by March XNUMX (Monday) together with the evidence. Thank you for your cooperation.

 Please be sure to write your telephone number on the tax return as we may contact you at a later date.

Submission: 〒 386-0603 4247 Komachi, Nagawa-cho To Nagawa Town Office General Affairs Division Tax Affairs Section

☆ Those who need to report income tax

The following person, please submit final income tax return.

  • Those whose annual salary exceeds XNUMX million yen
  • Those who receive salary from one place and all of the salary is subject to withholding tax, and the sum of various income amounts (excluding salary income and retirement income) exceeds 1 yen
  • If you receive salary from two or more locations and all of the salary is subject to withholding, the salary income not adjusted for year-end and various income amounts (excluding salary income and retirement income) ) And the total amount exceeds XNUMX yen
  • A person whose income from public pensions is less than XNUMX million yen and whose income other than miscellaneous income pertaining to public pensions exceeds XNUMX yen
  • Those whose total income such as business, agriculture, real estate income etc. exceeds the total amount of various deductions and those who file blue declaration
  • Those who have stock, dividend income, futures trading income
  • Those who have income from land, buildings, stocks, virtual currency, etc.
  • Person who receives refund of income tax
    * For details, please contact the Ueda Tax Office (telephone 22-1234).

☆ Those who file a final tax return at Ueda Tax Office

Please submit a final tax return to Ueda Tax Office directly.

  • Those who have a special deduction for housing loans (first year only) or a deduction for miscellaneous loss
  • Person with transfer income such as land, house, stock, virtual currency
  • Those who have stock dividend income, futures transaction income, etc.
  • Consumption tax taxable businesses

* Those who fall under the above will not be able to receive a report even if they come to the filing venue. For more information, please contact the Tax Section (Telephone 75-2063) or Ueda Tax Office (Telephone 22-1234).

☆ please

  • Since it is necessary to obtain a user identification number issued by the NTA from this filing, it is expected that the waiting time will be longer. Please go out with plenty of time.
  • When declaring business income, please have journals such as expenses tabulated, and for medical expenses, sort and calculate the receipts for each hospital, pharmacy, etc. that you took for each individual, and then go to the reporting consultation hall. Please note that if you do not count, you will have to collect it yourself and then consult with you for declaration.

☆ If you need papers such as tax return, income and expenditure breakdown, medical expenses deduction,National Tax Agency homepagePlease download the form from (http://www.nta.go.jp/).
It is also available in the government office.

Report of town, prefectural tax [PDF: 596KB]

Town / Prefectural Tax Declaration Form [PDF: 276KB]

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