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We devised the second "Nagawa-cho town, person, work wound straight broad strategic view"

Published 2020 years 01 month 23 Date

Last updated 2020 years 02 month 17 Date

In the town, in order to overcome the issues and problems that were highlighted in the “Nagawa Population Vision” (December 27), we formulated the first comprehensive strategy in December 12 Various initiatives have been advanced below.

In the Second Comprehensive Strategy, after summarizing the efforts so far, the four basic objectives are not changed, and the business to be implemented while keeping in mind the consistency and continuity with each measure in the First Comprehensive Strategy We narrowed down and made a comprehensive study at the Nagawa Town Regional Revitalization Promotion Council, and decided on the goals and directions of measures for the next five years.

In addition, in examining the direction and measures to be aimed at, parents who use the child care support center, young people who reached the ceremony in 31, villa owners, assembly, agricultural committee, manager We exchanged opinions with members of the Nagawa-cho Regional Revitalization Promotion Council, such as social gatherings, business and industry associations, tourism associations, and social welfare councils, and young staff members of the town hall.

The Second Comprehensive Strategy and its outline, “Nagawa-cho Population Vision” (December 27) are as follows.

The second "Nagawa-cho town, person, Shikou and wound straight broad strategic view" (the first edition on January 22, 545) [PDF: XNUMXKB]

The second "Nagawa-cho town, person, Shikou and wound straight broad strategic view" (the first edition on January 2, 2) summary version [PDF: 1KB]

[Reference] Nagawa Town Population Exhibition (December 27) [PDF: 12MB]


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