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Heisei 30 annual report of Chuo City Working Account will be announced

Published 2020 years 01 month 08 Date

Last updated 2020 years 01 month 08 Date

30 Nagawa Town Water Supply Business Report

The application of the Local Public Enterprise Law was implemented in FY29, but due to losses such as typhoon disasters, ships were deficit from the first year.
In fiscal 30, to avoid falling into the cumulative deficit, the water tariff, which is the operating revenue, is targeted for long-term non-payers, and thorough deconsolidation is focused on to avoid a decrease in revenue. In order to reduce labor costs by reducing the number of regular employees to temporary staff and replacing them with temporary staff, management was conducted in an emergency. As a result, the company was able to make a profit, albeit slightly, and to avoid the cumulative deficit. However, the number of complaints and requests from beneficiaries regarding the repair of water supply facilities and complaints about the decline of human services, especially leakage investigations, increased, and the result of excessive emphasis on management and profitability appeared. Along with the difficulties of this, the rising costs have highlighted the challenge of not being profitable.
In the future, we would like to carry out fee revisions as planned from FYXNUMX, and to improve management soundness and systematically update facilities.
From the summary of the financial statements, the business condition was that the total income was 268,068 thousand yen, the total cost was 265,319 thousand yen, and the net income was 2,749 thousand yen for the current fiscal year, and the business was in the black.
In the financial position, current assets were 101,128 thousand yen, fixed assets were 3,886,744 thousand yen, liabilities were 114,483 thousand yen in current liabilities, fixed liabilities were 1,399,216 thousand yen, and net assets were 1,040,447 thousand yen in net assets. .
In facilities, renewal was finished around water supply, water pipe facility mainly, but, in villa simple water supply area which we accepted newly by integration from 29, aging of beautiful Matsu district is problem, and this It has been estimated that the renewal cost will be about 10 billion yen. There is a strong possibility that the financial resources do not fall under the national treasury subsidy, so consultation with the prefectural department and research on whether a new advantageous bond issue can be used is necessary.
In addition, some places in the town have the longest distribution network in the distribution mains, and some of them have begun to appear for more than 40 years, and must be updated in the future. Since the cost will be large and the construction period will be long, the priority will be decided and the project will be planned so that it can be updated systematically.
In terms of water quality, high quality water from Iridamon and Wada-Honzawa water sources is being sent to major areas in the town.

30 Nagawa-cho waterworks business accounts financial statements [PDF: 1MB]


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