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The first 4 times (12 month) Nagato-cho assembly ordinary assembly general question

Published 2019 years 11 month 20 Date

Last updated 2019 years 11 month 20 Date

We will inform the general questions asked on December 6th (Friday) and the approximate time in the order of statements.

Order of remarks

Notification time

Representative name

Question matters






Tanuku Mitsuko


9: 00 ~ 10: 00

(1) About damage of typhoon 19 and correspondence of our town, future measures

(2) About Nagawacho Road Station (Quince Road Station Nagato) Area Activation Project

(3) About Yoda Kuboku Hospital

The mayor


Break (10 minutes)




Seiji Miyazawa


10:10~ 11: 10

(1) Disaster recovery by typhoon 19

(2) About self-examination enlightenment for early detection of breast cancer

(3) About life improvement pertaining to funeral

The mayor

Break (10 minutes)




Watanabe Hisato


11:20~ 12: 20

(1) Information transmission and evacuation center related to Typhoon 19

(2) About “PR Nagagawa”

(3) About design of town business, bid, successful bid rate

The mayor

Lunch (40 minutes)




Keiichi Sato


13:00~ 14: 00

(1) The progress of disaster recovery projects for farmland and agricultural facilities, and the necessity of drastic improvement of drainage

(2) About the initial budget formulation policy of the Ordinance 2 and the opportunity for resident participation at the budget planning stage

(3) Ask about “Women's Zero Congress” in Nagawa

The mayor

(Remark order)

  • Regarding time, it will be changed depending on the length of question time of each lawmaker
  • Just fill in the address and name, you can listen anytime during the meeting, so please go to the Nagato-cho venue. There are restrictions on the number of people who can listen.


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