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We raise opinions for "the Nagatocho town, person, work wound straight broad strategic view" (draft) for the 2 term

Published 2019 years 11 month 22 Date

Last updated 2019 years 12 month 06 Date

※Recruitment has ended. Thank you very much.

In Nagato-cho, overcoming rapid population decline based on the “Nagato-cho population vision” that shows the current state of the population, the future direction to be aimed at, and the future prospects of the population in order to realize regional revitalization Therefore, we formulated the “Nagamachi Town, People, Work Creation Revitalization Strategy” in the month of 27 in Heisei 12.

We have been working on various measures so far, but since the current plan period is until the year of the Ordinary Year, the 2 year from the Ordinance 5 year is the plan period. We are formulating the “People and Work Creation Strategic Strategy”.

In examining the direction and measures that should be taken, we received various opinions through hearings from the child-rearing generation and each group in the town. These are gathered, and after a comprehensive review at the Nagawa Town Regional Revitalization Promotion Council, a draft has been created.

Therefore, we ask for opinions from the townspeople about this draft.

1 offer matter

Opinions for the “Nawacho Town, People, Work and Creation Strategies” (draft)

2 Application period

From Ordinary Year 11 Month 22 (Friday) to Ordinary Year 12 Month 5 (Thursday)

Person who can submit 3 opinions

  • Person who has address in the town
  • Person who works in office or establishment in town
  • Individuals and corporations or other organizations that have establishments or establishments in town

4 browsing methods and browsing locations

  • In addition to downloading and viewing the following files, browsing is possible at the viewing location.

Phase 2 “Nagawa Town, People, Shiko and Creative Creation Strategy” (draft) [PDF: 554KB]

(Reference) Nagawa Town Population [PDF: 3MB]

  • Reading place Nagawa Town Hall Planning and Finance Section, Daimon Branch, Nagakubo Branch, Wada Branch

How to submit 5 opinions

Please fill out the opinion form, and submit it to the Nagawa Town Hall Planning and Finance Section, the town, the person, the work, and the Revitalization Department by one of the following methods.

* You can download the following file or download it at the viewing location.

Recruitment of 2 comprehensive strategy opinions Opinion entry form [DOCX: 9KB]

* Please note that we do not accept telephone or oral opinions.

- mailing

Address: 386-0603
Address: Nagawa Town Hall Planning and Finance Section


Facsimile number: 0268-68-4139
NAGAWA office of Strategy and Finance Division of the city, people, job creation engagement addressed


E-mail address: sousei@town.nagawa.nagano.jp
NAGAWA office of Strategy and Finance Division of the city, people, job creation engagement addressed

· Bring

Bring it directly to the Nagawa Town Hall (Government Office 2 floor 11 number window) Planning Finance Division Town, People, Work and Creation Division. Reception hours are from 8 hours 30 minutes to 5 hours 15 minutes except Sundays and Saturdays.

6 Opinions submitted

Opinions you have received will be considered at the Nagawa-cho Regional Revitalization Promotion Council, etc., and will be used to formulate the "Xtraditional Strategy for Nagato-cho Town / People and Work".
In addition, we do not reply individually to contents that we had, but plan to publish result of opinion offer including summary of opinions except personal information such as name or address on official homepage of town .
The personal information you receive will not be used for any other purpose.

Contact Us

Planning and Finance Section town, people, job creation engagement
PHONE: 0268-75-2042

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