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The nickname of the large-scale agricultural products direct sales office has been decided to be "Marché Kurosu"

Published 2019 years 11 month 05 Date

Last updated 2019 years 11 month 06 Date

Marche Black Panther (20191106)Construction of a roadside station, Malmello Station Nagato, which is under construction for the opening next spring, and the nickname of a large-scale agricultural direct sales place, as a result of a public offering from mid-August, a total of 59 entries were received from many people. It was.

On November 5 (Tue), the 5th Nagawacho Road Station Area Activation Promotion Committee discussed and decided as follows.
About the decision method, the top 4 points were selected by voting from the total number of 59 applications, and one point was decided as the final vote.


`` Marché black panther ''

Reason for application 
(1) A mysterious place that has produced black meteorite since ancient times. Rice, vegetables, and people nurtured by “water” polished with black agate stone. It is a nickname suitable for branding and PR in Kuroisoishi no Sato, Nagawa-cho, including the development of the entire region. Also, make it a direct sales office that connects immigrant settlers.
(2) Nagawa-cho, the place of origin of black sea bream. I thought that you could imagine the freshness of the vegetables with black brine.

A list of application nicknames is attached.

Large farm products direct sale place nickname offer situation [PDF: 100KB]


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FAX : 0268-68-4011

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