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We carry out business trip consultation about consumer trouble

Published 2019 years 10 month 29 Date

Last updated 2019 years 10 month 29 Date

The Nagano Prefecture Toshin Consumer Service Center will be consulting on business trips in Sakuho and Nagawa-cho because it is expected that consumer troubles related to the malicious business law and fraud taking advantage of the damage of the typhoon 19 will occur. Please feel free to contact us if you feel uneasy or feel strange.

There are the following cases as malicious business methods that have piggybacked on disasters in past disasters.

I called the house inspection, and I was worried that the house would be broken if I left it as it was.

He was contracted to say that "Fire insurance can repair the roof without burden," but was charged a high fee.

I was told that I wanted to transfer the right to move into a care facility to the victims, and I was allowed to change the occupancy costs.

  • Classification: Nagawa
  • The date and time: First year of 11 month 21 day (Thursday) from 10 to 4PM
  • Place: Nagawa Town Hall, 1st floor, 1st meeting room
       4247-1 Furumachi, Nagawa-cho Phone 0268-68-3111 (Representative)
  • Responder: Consumer consultant, lawyer of Toshin Consumer Center

Please be careful about malicious business method that piggybacked on disaster

Please be careful about repair work such as roof, outer wall, gutter

The most common cases of trouble related to natural disasters. A contractor who visits his home conducts a free inspection and says that the house will break if he keeps it as it is. After construction, you may be charged a high cost.
Contract carefully, such as obtaining quotes from multiple suppliers or consulting with others!
There is a possibility of cooling off

Be careful with building fire insurance

A case in which a roof is repaired for free by using insurance claims from fire insurance, and a contract is made (insurance application and construction set).
If you are charged a high fee or have applied for insurance, but you do not receive the insurance and try to cancel the construction contract, you will be charged a high cancellation fee.
Any solicitation that is not necessary should be refused! Check with your insurance company to see if your insurance is eligible!

Beware of suspicious solicitations like "Beware of suspicious solicitations"

“You have preferential access to senior citizen facilities. If you give that right to someone in need of a disaster, you buy it high,” he said. "After you have reimbursed your occupancy fee, you will be transferred from your company to your account."
 Don't get into suspicious stories that take advantage of the kindness of the victims!


If you feel uncomfortable or anxious or think something is wrong, please feel free to contact us.

Toshin Consumer Service Center Consultation Telephone 0268-27-8517

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