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[Disaster Information 16 Day at 8am 30] Information on the road conditions in Nagato Town

Published 2019 years 10 month 16 Date

Last updated 2019 years 10 month 16 Date

The road conditions of Nagatocho as of 16 day 8 hour 30 minute are as follows. (Only confirmed ones.)

Closed and restricted traffic areas

  • National Route 152 (from Yamatobashi to Daimon Iwai area)
  • The whole town road Entsuji line (for scouring the Akabashibashi Bridge)
  • Prefectural road Migahara Wada Line
  • Nakayama-dori Line (former R142 / Matsuo Shrine side road)
  • Machiya Shinya Komozawahara Line 1 (next to Shinya River)
  • Machidori Kaminoe Line (Kamidai Bridge)
  • Town Road Asaoka Line (Asaokabashi Bridge Scour)
  • Town road Iwaokamori 2 Line
  • The right bank of the town road Kubo 1 line (Tateiwakami bridge) downstream (Akiichi Nakazawa west)
  • Town road Ushikuni line (road scouring)

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