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[Disaster Information] Request for damage information from Nagawa Town Disaster Countermeasures Headquarters

Published 2019 years 10 month 13 Date

Last updated 2019 years 10 month 13 Date

As the typhoon 19 passes, there will be places where wires have dropped, places where trees are leaning, and places where the roads are depressed, so be sure to secure your personal safety .
In addition, if there are any points of concern in the vicinity of each household, please contact the Nagawa-machi Disaster Countermeasures Headquarters (phone 75-2040).
Also, when performing verification work, keep away from dangerous places such as near waterways.

Contact Us

General Affairs Division in charge of crisis management
Address: 4247-1 Nagano Prefecture Chiisagata-gun NAGAWA old-cho
TEL: 0268-75-2040 (direct) 0268-68-3111 (representative)
FAX: 0268-68-4139