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About the 17 Nakayama-do Wadajuku Shinsoba Festival

Published 2019 years 09 month 26 Date

Last updated 2019 years 09 month 26 Date

New festival festival posterName: The 17 “Wadajuku Shinsoba Festival”

Date and time: 11 Saturday, Monday, 11, 12:00 AM-2 PM

Venue: Special Wadajuku Station Venue (Wada 2834, Nagawacho 1)

Price: One meal of Morisoba 500 yen

Sales quantity: Limited 500 meal * Ends when sold out.

Buckwheat flour is a hand-crafted soba noodle made with Wada's delicious water using 900% of the new soba harvested at Nagasawa-cho Wada Matsuzawa territory at an altitude of 100m.

Sponsor: Yodakubo Southern Area Agricultural Support Center Wada Area Promotion Committee

Cooperation: Agricultural association of villages in the village of Matsuzawa


Other: Events co-hosted on the day

  • Sale of new buckwheat flour by Matsusawa district village farming association
  • Sales of Kokusai miso and oden
  • Sale of local agricultural products and apples
  • Free distribution of enoki mushrooms (For those who have purchased Morisoba)


Wada inn station


Industry Promotion Division Agriculture Office
TEL : 0268-75-2047