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About local construction industry management reinforcement financing system

Published 2019 years 09 month 24 Date

Last updated 2019 years 09 month 24 Date

Regional construction industry management enhancement financing systemAbout handling


In the town, the local construction industry management strengthening loan system will be available from 10 month 1 day of the first year.



◎ Regional construction business management enhancement financing system


 (1) Small and medium-sized enterprises (construction contractors) obtain the consent of Honmachi for the construction contract price receivables ordered by Honmachi for the purpose of facilitating fund procurement.

   It is a system to transfer and receive a loan with this as collateral.


(2) A private business operator that the Construction Business Cooperative or the Construction Industry Promotion Fund to which the receivables are transferred is deemed appropriate as a guaranteed party

  (Construction Management Service Co., Ltd.) will provide a loan.

(3) A loan system that can be borrowed without real estate collateral or guarantors.

 (4) This system was established by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.When using this system, small and medium-sized enterprises will receive a construction contract payment claim for Honmachi,

   It is a condition to transfer with the consent of Honmachi.



◎ Summary about financing system for strengthening regional construction industry management



◎ Reference for this system 

 East Japan Construction Industry Guarantee Nagano Branch Telephone 026-226-7520



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