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Interim advance payment system

Published 2019 years 09 month 24 Date

Last updated 2019 years 09 month 24 Date

Handling of advance payment


In town, the financial regulations74Expenses that can be paid in advance75If there is a request from the merchant based on the advance payment limit of the Article,


Contract amount for construction that is difficult to contract without paying in advance10Min4I am paying the amount equivalent to (when there is a special contract),


First year of Reiwa10Month1In addition to this system, an interim advance payment system will be introduced.





1 Interim advance payment


In construction that has already been paid in advance (within 4/10 of the contract amount), if certain requirements are met, a guarantee with a guarantee company is concluded.

This is an additional payment in advance not exceeding two-tenths of the contract amount.

Interim advance payments are simpler and faster than partial payments, and the time to pay for the construction is shortened.



2 target construction


One contract amount isFiveMore than $ 100,000Civil engineering, constructionOf the construction, the construction that has already received the initial advance payment is eligible. (Construction related to civil engineering architecture

Excluding the manufacture and manufacture of machinery intended for use in the design and survey of construction and civil engineering construction. )



3 Requirements for interim payment

All of the following requirements must be met:

(1) Half of the construction period has passed.

(2)ConstructionAccording to the process chart,Work related to the construction that is supposed to be implemented by the end of half of the construction period.

(3) Expenses required for work related to the construction already performedContract priceIt is equivalent to more than half of the forehead. (For imported materials, etc.

   Includes the amount equivalent to the contract price. )



4 Interim advance payment


The amount will be within 2/10 of the contract amount. However, the total amount of the prepayment paid and the intermediate prepayment exceeds 6/10 of the contract amount.

I can not do it.



5 Interim advance payment and partial payment


Interim advance payment and partial payment can be used together. However, after receiving partial payment, you cannot request interim advance payment.



6 Date of application


RepentanceAdded to the advance payment for contracts that will be announced after October 1st, or will be notified of nomination (including requests for quotations in voluntary contracts)

Applicable for advance payment.



7 Interim Advance Payment Request Procedure


(1) When the contractor requests an advance payment, the aboveof"Requirements for intermediate deposit payment'Must be certified to meet

   Because there isIntermediate advance payment authorization invoice (Form No.1issue)Please submit to the orderer (in principle, supervisory staff).

(2) If the Ordering Party meets the requirements as a result of reviewing the request for certification, as a general rule, the Ordering Party shall

   Intermediate Advance Payment Certificate (Form No. 2)Will be issued.

(3) The contractor isIntermediate advance payment invoice (Form No. 3)ToBefore the middlePayMoney guarantee certificatePlease submit it to the construction management section.

(4) Interim advance payment is from the date of request.14Pay within days.




Summary about interim advance payment

The handling point about intermediate deposit payment of Nagawa-cho public construction [PDF: 72KB]


Style used for authorization and request for intermediate advance payment

Intermediate advance payment authorization invoice (Form No. 1) [DOCX: 9KB]

Intermediate Advance Payment Certificate (Form No. 2) [DOCX: 9KB]

Intermediate advance payment invoice (Form No. 3) [DOCX: 9KB]


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