Issuing a "Nawacho Premium Gift Certificate"!

Published 2019 years 12 month 24 Date

Last updated 2019 years 12 month 24 Date

The town has issued a "Premium Gift Certificate" with a discount of 10% to ease the impact on households of the increase in the consumption tax rate from the 1 month 25 day of the Era first year to support local consumption The

You can purchase up to 20,000 yen (a gift certificate of 25,000 yen) per person.

In addition, application forms and purchase vouchers for those transferred to Nagawa-cho after 31 month 1 day of Heisei 2 will be the resident card location as of 31 month 1 day of Heisei 1. please.

About the “Premium Gift Certificate Business”(Cabinet Office homepage:

<Can I purchase a gift certificate with a premium? >

(1)Tax exempt

Those who are not subject to resident tax for the year of 2019, except those who fall under the following.

  • Dependent on taxed person
  • Welfare recipients, etc.
  • Those who disappeared before the purchase voucher was issued

(2) Child-rearing household

Head of household with children born between April 2, 2016 and September 2019, 30

* Those who are eligible for both (1) and (2) can purchase under both conditions.

Please see the attached file for <flow to application and use>.

Use of gift certificate with premium [DOCX: 23KB]

List of participating franchises (December 12, 23) [PDF: 81KB]

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Townsman Welfare Division welfare engagement
TEL: 0268-75-2046

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