About recruitment of temporary workers (cooking and cooking)

Published 2019 years 07 month 30 Date

Last updated 2019 years 08 month 01 Date

1, Recruitment job type lunch cooking

2, 1 recruitment staff

3, application qualification

1) A person who meets the following conditions

Person who is interested in cooking in person who is a healthy and likes cooking

Person who has i ordinary driver's license (No matter gender, please apply actively for people with disabilities. )

2) The following people can not apply.

A. An adult guardian or guardian

(I) A person who has been sentenced to imprisonment or more and has not executed until he or she ceases to receive the execution

C. Violence against the Japanese Constitution or the government established under it since the enforcement of the Japanese Constitution

Who have formed or joined political parties and other groups that claim to be

4, working conditions

  • Working hours from 8:15 to 17:00

  • Salary Nagare Town temporary staff by salary conditions

  • Employment period From 1st October, 1st year to 31st year 2nd March 31st (6 months)
    However, employment can be continued if the work results are excellent.

  • Working place Nagato nursery school lunch room

  • Other For more details, please contact the Children and Health Promotion Division Nagato Nursery Center or the General Affairs Division General Affairs Section.

5, selection method

  • Interview Scheduled to be held at Nagawa Town Hall from 1:30 pm on Thursday, August 29

6, application point

  • Application method Submit the prescribed application form (with CV attached)

  • Attached documents If you are qualified as a cook, a copy of it
    Copy of license (both sides)

  • Application Nagaha Town Office General Affairs Division General Affairs Section

  • Application period August 5 (Mon) to 19 August (Mon)

Application Form [DOC: XNUM X KB]

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