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The 11 times NAGAWA local creation Promotion Council and the 7 times NAGAWA town, people, job creation comprehensive strategy evaluation committee was held

Published 2019 years 07 month 17 Date

Last updated 2019 years 07 month 17 Date

State of the 11 Nagawa-machi district creation promotion meeting June 6 (Friday) At the activation facility "Kura", the 28th Nagawa Town Regional Revitalization Promotion Council (hereinafter, "Council") and the 11th Nagawa Town Town / People / Work Creation Comprehensive The Strategic Evaluation Committee (hereinafter referred to as the "Evaluation Committee") was held.The council and the evaluation committee will verify the effects of the measures and projects implemented by the council and the organization for promoting the Nagawa-cho version of the comprehensive strategy regarding the efforts for regional revitalization promoted by the national government. The organization for this purpose has been set up as an evaluation committee, and both organizations are composed of representatives of local government associations, council representatives, representatives of related organizations in the town, and open recruitment committee members. The two meetings were held separately until last year, but from this year, the council and the evaluation committee will be held in an integrated manner so that the promotion of regional revitalization-related projects and the verification of their effects can be carried out efficiently. I reviewed the method.

At the meeting, reports on past efforts to create regional areas, verification of the effects of comprehensive strategy related 30 projects implemented in Heisei 27 fiscal year, discussion of the directionality of formulation of the next comprehensive strategy starting from the Dewar 2 fiscal year, conferences There were reports on the management of In town, we improve each business based on result inspection result in evaluation committee and will expand business.

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