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Recruitment of "Naga-machi youth overseas dispatch interchange business" participants start

Published 2019 years 07 month 02 Date

Last updated 2019 years 07 month 02 Date

Recruitment of Dewa XNUM X "Naga-machi youth overseas dispatch interchange business" participant started. Deadline for application is 2 month 7 day (Fri).

和 和 年, 令 XNUM X Naga Nagatocho youth overseas dispatch interchange business business summary

Sponsorship: Nawa-machi, Nawa-cho, Breakfastland International Exchange Project Executive Committee

In cooperation with Unnan City Tourism Association : Ancient House Museum, Sainsbury Institute of Japanese Art, English Heritage, Brecks / Nagawa Exchange Committee

Business outline: "Domestic Jomon Festival Participation" and "British Travel ・ Interchange ・ Homestay"

Recruitment target: Junior high school 2 students-high school 2 students (Ryowa 2 year junior high school 3 students-high school 3 students)

Recruitment number: 8 people

  • Interview with all applicants
  • If the applicant exceeds the recruitment, it will be a draw on the interview

Implementation period :

  • Jomon Festival Diwa base year 8 month 25 day (Sunday), 10 month 20 day (Sunday) schedule
  • United Kingdom Travel, Exchange, Homestay Ordinance 2 Year 7 Month 29 Day (Wednesday)-8 Month 7 Day (Friday)
  • *There are workshops and briefings in advance and after the event (participation is mandatory)

Activity contents (planned) :

  • Participation in Jomon Festival at Nawa-machi and Fujimi-cho
  • Activity information dispatch by SNS ・ Online exchange with Teenage History Club
  • Travel to the United Kingdom
    • Instructed to make stone ware of black stone at the Flint Festival
    • Tour of the Leiden Museum in the Netherlands
      * We are planning to observe the black stone that Siebold brought back from Japan
  • Visit the Grimes Graves Ruins, British Museum and more 
  • Interaction with the Teenage History Club
  • home stay
  • Activity Report and Public Relations

How to stay in the UK: Hotel, homestay

Participation fee :  75,000 yen (the amount paid by oneself) 

  • Delivery of the participation fee will be made after the new fiscal year (Regumi 2).
  • The details of delivery method will be informed after the participants have decided.
  • In addition to participation expenses, expenses for preparation such as obtaining passports, expenses, etc. are separately paid personally

Future schedule (may change)

  • 和 和 元 Year 8 Month 3 (Saturday) Interview / Participant decision (Naga town office)
  • 10 Day (Sat) Pre-training 1 (Place: Kuroishi Stone Experience Museum)
  • Pre-training 2 on XNUM X (Sat)
  • Join as 25 (Sun) "Ebony Stone Hometown Festival" staff
  • September to 11 Pre-training (place: Kurosoishi Experience Museum etc.)
  • 10 Mon XNUM X (Sun) "Jomon Festival" Experience Workshop (Fujimi Town)
  • Rekazu XNUM X Year X NUM X Month NUM X NUM X Month Pre-training, travel briefing session
  • 7 Mon-3 Mon Travel and Exchange Report in UK

Application conditions:

  • Students from junior high school XNUM X grade students to high school X NUM X grade students in the Reiwa 1st year.
  • The person or a guardian living in Nawa-machi.
  • Be able to obtain parental consent for all activities.
  • Having an active desire to learn about Nawa-machi, Kuroisoishi, and Jomon culture, and having a willing intention to have many people inside and outside the country know what they have learned.
  • Being able to participate in advance workshops and activity briefing sessions on travel and other activities.(Detailed schedule will be notified after confirmation.)
  • An interpreter will accompany you during the dispatch, but you should be able to test your language skills and communicate actively.
  • Being able to accept the posting of the school name, grade, name and face photo to each media such as website, newspaper, TV, various SNS etc. in relation to the dispatch exchange business.
  • Being in good physical and mental well-being, adapting to living abroad, and being able to withstand long-term stays and movements.

* If you have a chronic illness etc., you may be asked to submit a doctor's permit certificate that there is no problem with traveling abroad. If you have a regular medicine, you may need a prescription in English.

Application method :

 Fill in the required items with a ballpoint pen on the application form and parental consent form, attach a photo, and attach the application reason entry form to the "Nagawa Town / Breckland International Exchange Program Executive Committee Secretariat" (Chief) by the application deadline. Please bring or mail it to the General Affairs Section on the 2nd floor of Nagawa Town Hall.

* If the application form is not enough, please copy it or receive it at the International Exchange Executive Committee Secretariat.

Recruitment deadline : 和 和 元 Year XNUM X Month X NUM X Day (Fri) X NUM X Hour X NUM X Division Deadline 【In case of mail delivery】

Submit to: Nagawa-cho, Brackland International Exchange Executive Committee secretariat (Chowa-cho government office 2 floor General Affairs Division General Affairs Section)

Interview day:First Year 8 Month 3 Day (Sat) 10: From 00 (9: 30 Town Hall 1F Town Hall)

  • We will interview you regardless of the number of applicants.
  • If the number of applicants exceeds the number of applicants, a lottery will be held on the interview.

UK travel schedule (planned)


Place of stay


宿 泊

Reiwa 2
7 / 29 (Wed)

From Narita
To Amsterdam

Country of departure (KLM Airlines)
Arrive in the Netherlands

Amsterdam night

7 / 30 (Thursday)


Visit to Leiden Museum
Transfer from Amsterdam to Norwich (KLM Airlines)

Setford night

7 / 31 (gold)


Visit to Sainsbury Institute of Japanese Arts and Sciences
Norwich Cathedral, Norwich Castle and others

Setford night

8 / 1 (Sat)


Visit the Cromer Museum etc.

Setford night

8 / 2 (days)


Flint Festival
Experience workshop instruction of Kurosoishi

Setford night

8 / 3 (Month)


Walk to Setford

Setford night

8 / 4 (Tuesday)

King's Lynn

King's Lynn visit

Setford night

8 / 5 (Wed)


Visit the British Museum / Visit London

Setford night

8 / 6 (Thu)

From Norwich
From Amsterdam

UK departure (KLM Airlines)
Netherlands departure

In-flight night

8 / 7 (gold)

Narita arrival
Nagawa town wearing

Return home



Application / Reason for written application [DOCX: XNUM X KB]

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