Please ignore fictitious claim postcards that talk about "trials" and "litigation"

Published 2019 years 06 month 19 Date

Last updated 2019 years 06 month 19 Date

There have been consultations with the "District Court Administration Office" and "Civil Litigation Management Center" that they have received a notice of the final legal notice, an envelope, and a postcard.
Do not contact us, as the content may cause anxiety by the content of the lawsuit, and induce you to contact you by the final date of the lawsuit withdrawal, and you may be required to pay money by calling you to make a phone call. Please give me.

  • Even if you receive a postcard, please ignore it as a partner.
  • Please do not call the inquiry window.
  • If you feel uneasy or have trouble dealing with it, please consult the Toshin Consumer Affairs Center (Telephone 27-8517) Office General Affairs Division (Telephone 75-2040).

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