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Nagato Town Town tax payment donation utilization project report

Published 2019 years 05 month 10 Date

Last updated 2019 years 05 month 10 Date

Heisei XNUM X fiscal Nagaha Town Furusato tax payment donation business

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has made a donation, and will use the donations we have received in our community planning.

A township project (industrial promotion) that brings up the industry in the area that is "seen" towards the future

  1. 1. Nagawa town sightseeing PR novelty making [The amount of appropriation: XNUM X thousand yen]

Town business (education, culture) to bring up the ancient "gaze" [appropriate amount: XNUM X thousand yen]

  1. Helmet purchase business for XNUM. Newly enrolled children 【Appropriate amount: 1 thousand yen】

Other business 【Appropriate amount: 360 thousand yen】

  1. Yamamura reproduction project project in cooperation with XNUM. Tokyo University of Agriculture [appropriate amount: XNUM X thousand yen]
  2. XNUM X. Beauty Matsu Matsuri [Full-scale amount: XNUM X thousand yen]

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