It recruits members of Heisei XNUM X fiscal year "Shinshu, Nawa town area revival cooperation corps"

Published 2019 years 03 month 20 Date

Last updated 2019 years 03 month 25 Date

Cooperation unit activity photograph (experience-based house) We solve problems such as low birthrate, aging of the population, shortage of employment places, lack of place of employment, lack of successors of industry including agriculture holding of Nagawa Town, and toward Nagawa Town in the future We will recruit human resources from the three major metropolitan areas in order to make it a healthier town, and recruit the Heisei XNUM X fiscal year "Shinshu and Nagawa Town revitalization cooperation team" to promote community development by new ideas and new creations.

If you want to make Nagawa town more energetic! Those who are motivated and interested in community revitalization activities! Those who are motivated to settle down, start a business or work in Nagawa Town in the future! We are looking forward to your recruitment.

1. Recruitment personnel

Shinshu-NAGAWA community building Cooperation Volunteers some name

2. Activities Recruitment Overview

1) Activities to promote town development utilizing historical heritage

  • Japan Heritage Promotion Activity
    • Research and management cooperation of Japanese heritage registration organization heritage and cultural property in Nakasendo, etc.
    • Museum tour tour guide visitors and experience guidance cooperation
    • Planning and management cooperation of Japanese heritage and historical heritage utilization events
    • Planning and production of Japanese heritage and historical heritage utilization goods and designs
    • Public relations (including HP and FB) and campaign activities of Japanese heritage and town's historical heritage
    • Tourism needs survey and invitation activities inside and outside the prefecture
    • Survey and research on cooperative operation of tourism resources and historical heritage utilization in town
    • Planning and practice of cooperative operation of tourism resources and historical heritage utilization in town
    • Activities to acquire tourism management expertise and qualifications
  • International exchange promotion activities utilizing historical heritage
    • Survey and study of inbound tourism
    • Inbound tourism planning (measures and development)
    • Organization of inbound tourism
    • Cooperation of international exchange project (Kuroishi stone ambassador related) that made use of historical heritage

Promotion activity of station area activation promotion business of 2) Nawa town road

  • Activities related to operation planning, preparation and operation of large-scale farm products direct sales office
    We will establish a large-scale agricultural product direct sale place to the station "Marmero's station Nagato" on the road, and promote regional promotion of not only agriculture promotion but also Chowa town and industry in general.
    Take charge of operation planning, planning, preparation and operation after opening for large-scale farm products direct sales office opening.
  • Activities to contribute to regional revitalization such as experience farms
    We aim to create an environment where we can stay in Nawa-machi as a regional base, with the “New Road Station Area” centered on a large-scale farm produce direct sales office, and carry out projects that contribute to the activation of the area such as experience farms. Increase exchange.

3. Recruitment target

  • Age As of July 1, 20, those who are older than 20 and older than 50.
  • Gender does not matter.
  • Address Those who live in the three major metropolitan areas, etc. (municipalities that do not fall under the depopulation, mountain villages, remote islands, peninsulas, etc.) and commission the resident's card to Nagawa and move. (※ If there is no address in Nagawa Town)

4. Activity time (※ Details are subject to separate appointment rules)

  • Activity days: As a general rule 5 day of Monday to Friday week.
  • Activity time: 8 o'clock XNUM X minutes ~ XNUM X hour XNUM X minutes (internal lunch 1 hour) is in principle, but depending on the activity there is a day requiring work outside.

5. Recruitment period

Heisei 31 April 1 (Mon)-April XNUM X (Fri)

6. Application method

  • CV (with photos)
  • 2019 Application Form

Please send the above documents to the following by the due date (※ must arrive).

● Destination
NUMXNUM-386 Furumachi, Nagawa Town, Nagano Prefecture, Kagawa Prefecture
NAGAWA office of Strategy and Finance Division town development policy engagement

Please inquire for the details about offer to person in charge of plan finance section town development policy.

Shinshu-Nagawa-cho area revitalization cooperation corps recruitment outline [DOCX: 12KB]

Shinshu Nagaha-cho area revitalization cooperation member appointment schedule [DOC: 19KB]

XNUM X Application Form (Nagawa Town) [DOC: XNUM X KB]

Recruitment Mission for 2019 Corps [DOCX: XNUM X KB]

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