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Nagatocho Cable Television Facility "Kuroyanosato Yui Net" Management and Management Council

Published 2019 years 01 month 14 Date

Last updated 2019 years 03 month 07 Date

1st Nagatocho Cable Television Management and Management Council

Current situation of cable TV facilities in Changwa-machi

1. Number of Subscribers

Number of Subscribers

2. Facility overview

Reception point

  • Teshicho Ashida reception point FM Tokyo
  • Nagato ranch ground wave within reception area
  • Maruko Television Broadcasting Company Acceptance Point FM Radio, BS / CS
  • Togo City reception point · Tachincho reception point TV Tokyo

Line equipment

  • Trunk line
    • 4 ~ 122 core optical fiber cable 76.34 km
    • 16 core optical fiber cable (H30 installation) 12.298 km
    • 17C coaxial cable 16.7 km
    • 12C coaxial cable 55.16 km
  • Number of lead-in terminals (H30 installed) 3,624.0 terminal
  • Optical amplifier (node) (H30 installed) 16.0 units
  • Trunk amplifier (Removed after the project is completed) 231.0 units
  • Optical distributor (H30 installed) 624.0 units
  • Headend Changwa-machi Information Center
  • Internet facility
    • Center modem (Nagato-machi Information Center) (Removed after completion of project) 2.0 unit
    • Cable modem (subscriber's residence) (Removed after completion of project) 1,000.0 units

3. About Nagato-cho Cable Television Facilities Lightening Promotion Project

Heisei 30 year Nagato cho Cable television network lightening promotion construction

  • Contract amount: 178,200,000 yen
  • Contractor: Yagi Corporation Ltd.
  • Construction period: Heisei 30 year 7 month 13 day ~ Heisei 31 year 1 month 31 day
  • Current progress rate: approx. 100% complete

Heisei 31 year Nagato cho Cable television network Optical line terminal equipment installation work

  • Fiber-optic cable retraction for TV subscriber 2,400 households · V-ONU installation

Heisei 31 year Nagatocho Cable Television Network Center facilities installation work

  • Maruko Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. Installation of center equipment (OLT) to head end
  • Installation of optical cable between Maruko Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. and Chokai Machi Information Center
  • Internet subscribers Approximately 680 door D-ONU installation work

4. About operation of cable television after the project ends

About the management entrusted to the cable television facility in Changwa-machi

Currently Nagatocho Cable Television Facilities are operated by Maruko Television Broadcasting except for TV stations within the area, so Maruko Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. is the only option for consigning.

About entrustment method

The following 4 methods are conceivable.

  • All facilities will be transferred to Maruko TV broadcasting, and business will be implemented as a complete Maruko television broadcasting area.
  • Using designated administrator system, entrust the scope of operation including toll collection.
  • Toll collection will be carried out at Changwa Town, and the contract will be entrusted to decide the scope and commission the work content.
  • Other

About business other than television and Internet service

  • Audio announcement broadcasting
    • The voice announcement broadcasting currently being conducted mainly notifies announcements from the town, and it is necessary as Nagato Town in terms of disaster prevention, so it is not included in the business consignment.
  • Character announcement broadcasting
    • Since we have to negotiate channel allocation, we will carry out in a meeting with Maruko television broadcasting.
  • New service accompanying lighting
    • At Maruko TV now, a new service called "MTV light" has begun. This service is an integrated service of television, Internet, telephone service, etc. using optical line. In terms of content, BS4K pass-through broadcasting, ultra high-speed Internet, and optical / cable telephone services using KDDI are being offered.

5. About price revision

From 2019 year 10 month 1 day, consumption tax will be 10%. NAGAWA CABLE TV has been deferred with a monthly fee of 1,500 since the establishment of NAGAWA, but it has become necessary to raise the rate in line with the consumption tax increase.

The way of thinking is that if Maruko television broadcasting will manage cable television in the future, regional disparity will become a big problem, so it will be basic to match with Maruza TV broadcasting fee.

Maruko TV price list
Subscription type Optical net only

Optical net + TV

Optical net + optical phone Optical net + optical phone + TV TV only
Light 5M 3,000 yen 4,700 yen 4,030 yen 6,130 yen 2,000 yen
Light 50M 4,200 yen 5,800 yen 5,130 yen 6,930 yen
Light 120M 5,000 yen 6,500 yen 5,830 yen 7,130 yen
Light 300M 6,000 yen 7,400 yen 6,730 yen 8,130 yen
Light 1G 9,000 yen 10,500 yen 9,830 yen 11,130 yen
  1. ※ All prices are subject to tax.
  2. ※ The set fee with cable plus phone is based on only the basic fee 1,330 yen.

6. About future schedule

Future schedule

7. Minutes

30 times management management council meeting meeting Heisei 1 year [PDF: 101KB]

Contact Us

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PHONE: 0268-75-2043

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