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Heisei 31 year Otaya Festival

Published 2019 years 01 month 08 Date

Last updated 2019 years 01 month 16 Date

Origin of Otaya Festival and floats

H30topThe festival of Furutamachi Toyotoshi Jingu Shrine located in Furumachi (formerly Nagakubo Furuicho) in Nagato Town is known as the so-called Otaya Festival.
Its origins are the oldest records of the 11th year of the Culture and Era (1828) at the end of the Edo period, but it seems that the festival has been taking place since quite a while since then.
Following the Ise Jingu in Furumachi Toyoshi Daijingu Shrine, a festival is held every 20 years, and festivals are held from the evening of January 14th to the afternoon of 15th every year. A family with customers tries to make this year the beginning of the year, and to be used as a departure from that age.
People of pilgrimage Ueda, also visited from Saku district, turnout of about 4 to 50,000 people in these two days is expected.
At the Otaya Festival, when the lives of ordinary people became stable and room for surplus came out, floats were dedicated to make the festival prosperous, and are listed in the diary of Tenpo six years (1835) in the former home collection It is a record of the oldest floatplane that is now known as "Mida (journey) shop crowded, a few things to be held a few beautiful girls".
Floating cars are designated as a valuable traditional culture to pass rustic farmer arts in 1956 as Nagano prefecture intangible folk cultural property selection, now dedicated by preservation society of 5 district units.

It floats for the fiscal year 31

[The first field first-class inn]Gojo Ohashi(Ocean chopsticks) Ushima-maru(To get used to)Benkei(Communication)Place of confrontation

 First placeThis is because Kiwakamaru is a scholar and a swordsmith taking the Hiraie overturnExcitation(A bald)It is a story about when I was a student.Heiji(Good at)Father's(Partnership)Righteousness(Yoshi)Morning(Both)Because he was defeated by Mr. Ping, at the age of 7, Kiwamaru-maru is in KyotoKurama Temple(Kuraara)It was deposited in. Kuwakamaru, who hated to become a monk, became a swordsmanship in the mountains at nightTraining(Keiko)I continued, and it became stronger and stronger.

At that time, a rough man called Benkei appeared in the Gojo bridge of the capital, and was robbing the sword of the passing person. One night, Kawamaru Maru who thought "I will punish the violent person" crossed the Gojo bridge while blowing a whistle. Then Benkei appeared, "Please leave that sword." Benkei further said, "I took a thousand swordsA wish(cancer)He gathered and collected ninety nines. It is a thousand eyes with your sword. Greet me. "said. Kawamaru Maru said with a smile "When you want, please take it." "Saucy(Let's go)What. BenkeiNaginata(Naginata)When it gets hurried, Kitsuhumaru and HirariBalustrade(Epilepsy)I ride on top of it. Benkei wields Naginata with full strength and Kiwakamaru dodges Hiragiri. When Benkei began to be frustrated, Oshimaru Marufan(A go)I threw it. That fan struck the face of Benkei neatly. "I've come"Surrender(This Mr)Benkei who did it became the coward of Ushiwakaru Maru.

Kibumaru-maru later(Partnership)Righteousness(Yoshi)Through(Well)He gave a big success in the battle of Genpei, destroying Heike.

【Kamanaka 2nd place】 Certified as a Japanese heritage The oldest Changwa-machi brandStarship Pass(Hoshino Shigeru)Kuroya(Kokusaikei)mine(Sentence)mining(digging)Place

Second fieldMagmacooling(Return)The natural glass black ice stone which was made,Acute(Jumping)It is popular as a raw material for cutting tools and hunting tools, and its use dates back to the Paleolithic age of 3 a million years ago.

In Chofu-choWada Pass(Bruised),Starship Pass(Hoshino Shigeru)Beneath the origin of origin, processing the black rock and stone, such as the factory that was sending a large quantity of stoneware nationwideRuins group(Ikkokon)Has been discovered. In addition, the black stone stone is located in the area of ​​the star feces passagemining(digging)WasJomon text(An ambush)The mining traces of the era were also discovered, and the production and distribution of black and yellow brandsResponsibility(Nai)Along with the surrounding Jomon community that I was in, "Jomon World of the Falling Central Highlands" as a Japanese heritageCertification(Geek)It was done. This "star" is a sparklingAya(Kagaya)It is derived from the philosophy that has been passed on as black stars from the stars.

In Kuroya stone mine of star feces pass where there are few cases in Japan, from Heisei 3 yearOngoing(continuously)ToExcavation(Stupid)A survey was conducted and the state of mining activities in the Jomon period is being clarified. Currently, in the middle of the mine where the excavation is being conducted, it is estimated that 5 million years before the depth of underground 87meruption(Different)A large amount of black alba stone flowing from Wadada Pass byIncluding(Clothes)NothingPyroclastic flow(A cook)The stratum of the mountain was detected and 7000 years ago aimed at this stratumSlope(Samen)It was discovered that the mining was repeated as it broke down. From the star feces passage to the slope of Mt. Okurayama is minedtrace(Teacher)In the form of crater-like indentations stretching in a staircase shape spreading out that the large-scale mining activities to modify the mountain topography has been evolving.

In Nagato-cho, we are promoting research and research aiming at registering the Kuroyama stone mine as a World Heritage Site.

Nakamachi third fieldOkabama(Osezing)Battlefield

Third place1560 (Yongku 3) Year 5 month 12 day,Imagawa(Now)Yoshimoto(Yoshimoto)It is,Oda((I.e.)Noboru(Nobunaga)It is the territory ofOwari(end)(West in Aichi Prefecture), to lead the armyinvasion(Rainbow trout)It was started. At that time, Imagawa Yoshimoto, the great name of the Sengoku,Suruga(Or),Totomi(Totomi),Mikawa(Mikawa)(Now Shizuoka prefecture and eastern Aichi prefecture). Oda Nobunaga was only a small daimyo of the local forces, and the force at this time was 2 million 5 thousand, Nobunaga 5 thousand, 5 times as much difference.

In the crisis under the invasion of the Imagawa armyRecess(Odious)Oda direction,Cheongju(To clean up)city(Learn more)We opened the military at,Basketball(Let's face it)There was no sortieres or conclusion. 5 moon 19 day morning, Oda directionMaru-ro(Around it.)fort(Fort)Washizu(Awkward)fort(Fort)Received a urgent report that it had been attacked, Nobunaga jumped out "Atsumori(Me)When she danced, suddenly departed Cheongju castle with the order of going out,Atsuta(Oh)Shogun(Aquarium)He went to the battlefield when he won a prayer for victory. I got to reconnaissanceYangda(Yakuda)Policy(Masato)By information of Nobunaga Yoshimoto getting information saying that he is holding a headquarters at "Oke Nomaama" (Aichi Prefecture Toyake City), Nobunaga sorted out for Yoshimoto's main troops 2 thousand at army 5 thousand . The torrential rain fell from around noon, Nobunaga was able to proceed close to Imagawa army headquarters without being realized.

Soon Nobunaga stopped the heavy rainObservation(Miya)It attacks at a stroke and finally the Oda Army's(I.e.(Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu)Ichinō(Kazuta)YoshimotoNumber one(most)spear(Spear)If you put on, the battle fought YoshimotoMouri(A bit)New servant(Shinsuke)It struck. Mr. Imagawa lost control and lost control.

It is said that Nobunaga wins Yoshimoto in the battle of this OkabeDaimon(Bad)(come)As a result of the result, Nobunaga's nameSuccess(Briefly)I was to be known to the world.

Fourth parking downtown, Fujimi-choThe princess(This place)Wadami(Kazunomiya)Where to stay at Wada Inn

4th place1861 year at the end of the Edo period, 14th generation generalTokugawa(Tokushima)Ichigo(Noel)ToDaughter(effect)It was Wadomiya'sA wedding(Konchi)The shogunate and the court cooperateimperial court(Kelp)Union(I wonder)It is said that it was a marriage of politics for measures. To EdoDownward(Invitation)When doing, General 2 million 5 A large matrix of over thousand people left 11 moon 6 day morning, Shimosuwa inn, crossed Wadada Pass and arrived at Wada Inn in the evening. The next day, when the head arrived at the Nagakubo Honjin Honjin, the rear row was just getting out of Wada Inn.

Wada Yado was hit by a fire that burned down most of the post office 8 months ago, but the shogunateface(Mutation)I was supporting it and restoring the cityscape. When a queue passes, sounds such as bells and dogs and cats' barksStern(Kibi)It has been reported that it was enforced.

Sakuramachi fifth fieldTreasure ship(Treason)"Seven Lucky Gods(Post office), Celebrate New Year of the Year of the Reform "

Fifth fieldGod who brings happiness "Seven Lucky Gods"Ebisu(Ebisu),Daikokuten(Age),Bishamonten(Bimonemoto),Fukukoku(Owl),Old man(Age),Cloth bag(Deeply),Benzaiten(Bean paste)It is indispensable for the New Year of Japan.

Soon after the Seven Lucky God faith was born from the latter half of the Muromachi period, "Seven Lucky Gods aboard the shipVisit(Unsuccessful)It comes. It came to be said that. "Seven Lucky Gods" spread to the world greatly since the Edo period,Tokugawa(Tokushima)Ieiesu(To reply) Kano school(Yesterday)The painter said that he painted the Seven Lucky Gods on a treasure shipAnecdote(When)there is.

Seven Lucky Gods is a god who came to believe independently in Japan, but among them the only one from Japan is Ebisu. And from India and ChinaInvitation(Future)It was God who did it. Why are there many foreign gods this much? For the ancient Japanese, the sea was something that brings wealth and happiness. The idea that the Seven Lucky Gods come from the world of the gods at the end of the sea at the treasure ship is the thing that arrived from the oceanParadox(Good news)AsRitual(Pine)It was made from the faith of the Japanese.

The Seven Lucky God faith which began to spread in the Edo period was regarded as effective for the merchants and various people, became popular, and a custom to visit the Seven Lucky Gods was born in various places.Omen(Goat)It was chosen as a good god inSeven(Seven)Pillar(Basically)There are benefits, meaning to each one to God. Ebisu is honest, Daikokuten isVirtue(Unexpectedly), Bishamonten isPrestige(lets go), BenzaitenLove(An adult), Cloth bags are massive, Fukuroku is a popularity, Yujin represents life span, it is said that if you adore it seven virtues will be equipped.

This year is a year to replace the new year. Happiness of a new era leading to the Tokyo Olympic Games next yearWell-being(Conversation)I pray to the Seven Lucky Gods.

Oda and traffic control diagram

Oda and festivals traffic control diagram [PDF: 2MB]

For the location of the float (soup) of Oda and festivals

Otaya pedestrian location map

Heisei 30 years of Oda and festivals

Heisei 29 years of Oda and festivals

Heisei 28 years of Oda and festivals

Heisei 27 years of Oda and festivals

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Oda and festivals

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