Heisei 31 · 32 year bid (estimate) for the acceptance of participation application

Published 2019 years 01 month 08 Date

Last updated 2019 years 01 month 09 Date

We would like to thank you for your continued understanding and cooperation in the construction administration of Changwa-machi.

Well, in Nagato-cho, we are hoped to participate in bidding (estimation) of construction work etc. (including consultants, goods sale, repair, service, business consignment etc.) ordered by Changwa Town in Heisei 31 · 32 year As for the person, we will accept reception as follows.

1 Application period

Heisei 31 January 11 day (Friday) ~ Heisei 31 February 8 (Fri)

◎ Thank you for submitting the application form by bringing in or submitting it.

      ※ Please note that the people of the town of skill in the art will only bring submission.

2 validity period

Heisei 31 April - Heisei 33 March

3 Application

Please see the next method of competitive bidding (quotation) participation qualification application.

A. Person in charge of construction work

(1) H31 - 32 【Construction】 Application method [XLS: 126KB]

A person in charge of construction consultant etc.

(2) H31 - 32 【consult】 Application method [XLS: 166KB]

C sale of goods, repair, services, persons of business, such as outsourcing

(3) H31 - 32 【Goods】 Application method [XLS: 86KB]

(4) Business item classification table [XLS: 147KB]

Common style

Social insurance subscription status request form [DOCX: 10KB]

Application for social insurance not having an obligation to subscribe [DOC: 15KB]

Pledge [DOCX: 10KB]

◎ notes

  • Be sure to bind the file with file binding (A4 version 1 copy).
    ※ Please file such as paper etc that can be incinerated.
  • Please list the documents in the application method in numerical order.
  • Please be sure to describe the company name in the file.

4 Submit to

Nagato Town Office Planning Finance Section Finance Section

Address: Yubinbango386-0603 Nagano Prefecture Chiisagata-gun NAGAWA Old Town, 4247-1

    TEL 0268-75-2042(直通) 0268-68-3111(代表)

FAX 0268-68-4139

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Planning and Finance Section
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