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The 10 times NAGAWA local creation Promotion Council and the 6 times NAGAWA town, people, job creation comprehensive strategy evaluation committee was held

Published 2018 years 12 month 07 Date

Last updated 2018 years 12 month 07 Date

The 10 times NAGAWA local creation Promotion Council The 11th Nagawa Town Regional Revitalization Promotion Council and the 13th Nagawa Town / People / Work Creation Comprehensive Strategy Evaluation Committee were held at the activation facility "Kura" on November 10 (Tuesday). It was.

 The council, which is the promotion organization for the Nagawa-cho version of the comprehensive strategy, is considering the operation of the council and the evaluation committee, and in the future, the council and the evaluation committee will be managed as one. It was accepted.In addition, the direction of formulating the next comprehensive strategy was deliberated.

 The Evaluation Committee, which is an organization for verifying the effects of projects implemented based on the subsequent comprehensive strategy, explained based on the materials for verifying the effects as an interim evaluation of the 30 projects related to the comprehensive strategy implemented in FY27. Was held and opinions were exchanged.Based on this result, the town will improve each business and develop the business.

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