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Heisei 29 annual report of Chuo City Working Account will be announced

Published 2018 years 12 month 06 Date

Last updated 2018 years 12 month 06 Date

FY2007 Nagato-cho Waterworks Business Report

 In XNUMX, we applied the Local Public Enterprise Law and integrated the management of XNUMX simple water supply businesses.
 Since it is the first year, we have been groping for business in the midst of various problems.
 Before applying the law, we made preparations such as receiving the full amount of the transfer standard amount as a subsidy for other accounts so that the balance would be in the black, but the result was a deficit of about XNUMX million yen.
 The cause is that it costs more than XNUMX billion yen to renew the main facility that has deteriorated since the merger, and this is the reason for the redemption of bonds, but there is no solution other than raising the water charge revenue, which is the operating revenue in the future. We will quietly proceed with the price revision scheduled for XNUMX and strive to eliminate the cumulative deficit.
 In terms of water supply, the Iridaimon water source and Wadamotozawa water source were connected to the Nagakubo and Furumachi districts, and the electricity charges for deep well water sources that were constantly generated were reduced, running costs could be reduced, and stable. We were able to achieve good water supply and high quality water.
 Next, regarding the details of the business situation, the total revenue was 274,114 thousand yen, the total cost was 274,653 thousand yen, the ordinary loss was 539 thousand yen, and the extraordinary loss was 4,678 thousand yen.
 Although the amount of reversal of long-term advance payments was as large as 100,737 thousand yen, the cost amortization cost was 185,301 thousand yen, which exceeded the profit, and the recovery from the heavy rain disaster resulted in a net loss of 5,217 thousand yen for the current fiscal year.Since the fee income is not commensurate with the cost, the fee revision cannot be avoided.
 The facilities have been renewed mainly for water supply, water pipes, and water distribution facilities, but the aging of the Mimatsu area is an issue among the villa simple water supply areas newly accepted by the integration from XNUMX. , This renewal cost is estimated to cost about XNUMX billion yen in total, and it is necessary to return to the black at an early stage.
 Similarly, in the Shirakaba Highland area, which is a villa area, the water supply facilities are aging at the end of the period due to the exhaustion of the development company, but since there are less than XNUMX permanent residents, it is not cost effective, so the caliber, We will downsize the entire facility and renew it with a XNUMX-year plan at a single cost.
 In the future, we will strive to reduce the renewal cost with downsizing in mind in all facility renewals.

Heisei 29 Yearly Town Water Supply Business Financial Statement [PDF: 694KB]

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