Nagato-cho temporary staff (nutritionist) recruitment announcement

Published 2018 years 11 month 02 Date

Last updated 2018 years 11 month 02 Date

We are looking for people who can work as a temporary nutritionist for nursery school and Wada nursery school from Heisei 31 year 1 month.

Job openings

  • Nutritionist

Recruiting personnel

  • 1 person


  1. A person who meets all of the conditions of 1st order
    1. A Person who is qualified as a dietician (You can apply even with a disability.)
    2. People with Lee ordinary vehicles driver's license
  2. 2 The following people are not eligible to apply.
  • Adult ward or a person under curatorship
  • Those who have been sentenced to imprisonment or more and until ending their execution or until they are no longer subject to their execution
  • Persons who formed or joined political parties and other organizations claiming to destroy the Japanese Constitution or the government established thereunder by violence after the date of the enforcement of the Constitution of Japan

Working conditions

  1. 1 Working hours: Morning 8 hour 15 minute to afternoon 5 hour 00 minute
  2. 2 Salary: According to temporary staff salary conditions of Nagato cho.
  3. 3 雇用期間:平成31年1月1日から平成31年3月31日(3ヶ月間)ただし、勤務成績が良好な場合は、再雇用が可能です。
  4. 4 Work place: Nursery school and Wada nursery school
  5. 5 Other: Please contact the Children's Health Promotion Division child care support engagement or Affairs Division Affairs engagement for more information.

Screening method

  1. 1 面接:平成30年11月26日(月)午後1時30分から実施予定

Application procedure

  1. 1 Application method: Please submit the following exam application form (nutritionist)
  2. 2 Attached document: a copy of a nutritionist's license, a copy of a driver's license (both sides)
  3. 3 apply to: NAGAWA office Affairs Division Affairs engagement
  4. 4 申込期間:平成30年11月5日(月)~11月19日(水)
    (Except Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)
    Reception time is 8 am 30 minutes ~ XNUM X hour XNUM X minutes

Contact Us

Affairs Division Affairs engagement
TEL: 0268-75-2040
Children's Health Promotion Division child care support engagement
TEL: 0268-75-2069
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