Recruitment of agricultural committee member farmland optimization promotion committee

Published 2018 years 10 month 10 Date

Last updated 2018 years 10 month 10 Date

Nagatocho Agricultural Committee is looking for agricultural committee members and agricultural land optimization promotion committee as follows as the term of office of Heisei 31 March 31 day expires.

○ Recruitment method

Recruitment is done by recommendation and application (self-recommendation).

Please fill out the required matter in a prescribed form, seal it and submit it to the Secretariat of the Agricultural Committee, or mail it.

○ Recommendation · Application form

Agriculture committee recommendation notification (whole area) [DOCX: 14KB]

Agriculture committee application submission (whole area) [DOCX: 14KB]

Recommendation report of farmland utilization optimization promotion committee member [DOCX: 14KB]

Application for Optimization Promotion Agricultural Land Application Report [DOCX: 14KB]

○ Recruitment period

Heisei 30 year 10 month From 10 day (Wednesday) to 11 6th day (Tue) (must arrive)

○ Number of people

  • 10 farmers commissioner
  • Committee for optimizing agricultural land use 11 people (recruiting districts)

○ Recommendation · Qualification of application

Farm committee candidate

  • One person related to a group organized by farmers
  • One person not having any interested parties
  • 8 certified farmers or equivalent

Candidate for farmland utilization optimization promotion committee

Those who have enthusiasm and insight to promote optimization of utilization of agricultural land etc. and who can conduct activities for promotion of optimization of utilization of agricultural land etc. in the area in charge

(Note) However, those who fall under the following can not become members.

  1. (1) Those who do not have an address in town (provided, however, that there is no special circumstance, it is not limited thereto.)
  2. (2) Persons who are prohibited from concurrent positions under other laws and regulations
  3. (3) Persons who do not obtain a right to restore after a decision to commence bankruptcy proceedings
  4. (4) Persons who have been sentenced to imprisonment or imprisonment until their ending with execution or until they are unable to receive such execution

○ Term of office

  • Agricultural Committee Heisei From April 1, 31 to Heisei 34 March 31 day
  • Farmland utilization optimization promotion committee Heisei 31 April extraordinary general meeting to Heisei 34 year March 31 day

○ Other

  • According to the provisions of laws and regulations, after the end of the period of recommendation and application acceptance period, after the end of the term, the town's homepage about contents other than the "address" of the nominator, the person receiving recommendation or the person who applied for the contents of the written notice of the written notification It is obligatory to make public on such as etc. Please be aware in advance.
  • Please be advised that we can not return the submitted recommendation notice and application form.

If you have any other questions, please contact the Agricultural Committee Secretariat.

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