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About Road Station Area Activation Promotion Project Your opinion and answer summary

Published 2019 years 03 month 05 Date

Last updated 2019 years 03 month 05 Date

Road station activation business PerthConstruction of complex facilities centered on large-scale agricultural and livestock products direct selling place and construction of peripheral facilities including the area of ​​peaceful station 28 will be carried out at the road station "Station of Malmelo".

For that reason, in order to refer to future projects, we gave your opinion to the basic plan and basic design (draft) as follows.

The contents of the opinion and the answer you received are as follows.

Opinions and answers from townspeople

○ Introduction of heat supply by woody biomass that make road stations more attractive

I saw a developed case example. Although I felt it was attractive and effective, I considered it as one of the options, but it is a difficult situation in terms of finance toward realization. We will further investigate in the future and we would like to consider if feasible.

○ About management philosophy

"Provide good goods · Continue to develop business · Raise the name recognition of facilities" We regard everything as a goal. We will continue our efforts in the future with reference to what we have proposed.

○ About management structure

We are planning to enter into discussions about the current operating organization and we would like to work on improving our structure and formulating management plans as soon as the management entity (management entity) is decided.

○ Utilization of local resources

We are holding briefing sessions etc. so that many people such as farmers of existing farmers, female farmers, small farmers, retired farmers, etc. can participate in shipping organization, and we are promoting organization creation.

In the shipper organization, in addition to establishing a window function for farming guidance etc., Nagatocho Special Product Development Project Promotion Committee is going to carry out cultivation of characteristic agricultural products and entering.

○ Measures to always provide good things

We will include the submission of inspections before shipment and production records of shipments under the guidance of JA so that we can provide safe and secure items in the shipping organization's contract.

We aim for safe and secure efforts, aiming at a characteristic direct sales place, and we would like to manufacture and sell processed goods only in this area as a direct selling place to sell.

○ How to manage the organization and how to operate it concretely

We are planning to enter into discussions about the current operating organization and we would like to work on improving our structure and formulating management plans as soon as the management entity (management entity) is decided.

We visited the stations of the road several places. The key points discussed at that time are as follows.

  • The president (responsible person) has enthusiastic passion and runs confidently.
  • It is better for the sales floor to be as bright as possible. (Reflected in design work)
  • Important things at the direct sales department are security and safety, fresh goods, distinctive products and apt price.
  • Characteristic products and operating methods that understand the background of the area are important.

○ About offering goods

Although it is correspondence of the end period, I would like to cooperate with the market and JA etc. to secure the goods. We are also considering collaborating with other regional direct sales departments.

Although it is a mobile sales car, I think that it is the eaves market or the quartz square. I am considering details, but I will try to become an attractive space.

○ About smoking space

I am considering installing a smoke-free space (rain, the wind exceeds) in an existing smoking place.

○ Is it business that fully understood the public opinion

Regarding renovation of Road station direct sales office, it is planned according to the request of the road station direct sales union association (Kake ya). Also, due to the conclusion that was examined at the Challenge Improvement Business Promotion Committee of Nagatocho Chamber of Commerce and Industry, based on these circumstances, it is a project planned to revitalize not only agriculture but also industry as a whole. In the future we will continue to promote our business while giving various opinions.

○ Understanding of the station 28 business operator

This project is not only to construct a direct sales office, but also aims to revitalize the whole area including the road station, Yasuragi station 28.

Relaxation Station 28 We hold briefing sessions for business operators and are discussing how to revitalize as a whole area.

○ Does it contribute to promotion of agriculture

Along with the construction of a direct sales department, we will also set up a new shipping organization. For shipper organizations, we will enrich our contact facility efforts for small-scale farmers, new farmers, retired farmers and others.

I would like to make efforts to improve motivation and income by conducting guidance and consultation according to work capacity and agricultural land conditions.

○ About Wada Inn Station

Wada Koso station direct sales place is getting old and we are seeking renovation requests from Aozora Market Association. In conjunction with the construction of the station direct sales office on the road that is currently undergoing the plan, we plan to undertake a major renovation of the Wada Inn station. In addition, we are planning to collaborate with the station direct sales department of the newly made road and we would like to take measures to lead to the merits of both direct sales departments.

○ About management responsibilities

We are planning to enter into discussions about the current operating organization and we would like to work on improving our structure and formulating management plans as soon as the management entity (management entity) is decided.

We believe that the management entity (management entity) will work on the business of the station's direct sales office as a business operator and will be responsible for management.

We believe that the administration will play a part in the part that contributes to welfare and welfare of townspeople.

○ About shopping vulnerable measures

I think that we do not have a supermarket in our town, so we would like to put a certain amount of Japanese delivered items etc. In addition, we are studying to set up a bus stop at the road station as a support for elderly people who are difficult to move, etc. and to use the tour bus.

○ About ensuring producers and quality

While securing agricultural products (end of year), we also plan to purchase from markets, JA, etc. In addition, I would like to work closely with direct sales departments etc. in other areas to secure items.

○ About the scale

Although it is a space, I am trying to make effective use so that it will not be a useless space because it is packing the designer and basic design.

○ About management prospects

We are planning to enter into discussions about the current operating organization and we would like to work on improving our structure and formulating management plans as soon as the management entity (management entity) is decided.

At this stage, we estimate the amount of income and expenditure etc. We believe that it will become the basis of the management plan to be formulated in the future.

○ Challenge shop · About rental office

We are planning to set up a challenge shop and rental office by receiving opinions such as "I want to start a business in the town but there is no place and huge money is spent", "I would like to try something on trial" . Because the challenge shop is thinking about open spaces, it is easy for users to see and they are also thinking as a source of information.

○ About shipper members

Regarding the shipper organization, we have held briefing sessions in each district now, and we would like to recruit members in the future.

I would like to work on farmers in Nagato Town to lead to "active places", "motivation improvement" and "income improvement".

Business Summary

Construction of complex facilities that will contribute to regional revitalization centering on large-scale agricultural and livestock products direct sale center and peripheral improvement including commercial area will be implemented, and business that will contribute to regional revitalization will be expanded.

  • Establishment of large scale agricultural and livestock products direct sale facility
  • Implement projects that contribute to regional revitalization, such as experiential farms
  • Establishment of rental office and challenge shop
  • Rehabilitation of road station toilet
  • Facilities maintenance for integration of road stations and commercial areas
  • Renovation of road station parking space

Publication materials

Nagato-machi Road Station Area Activation Project Basic Plan [PDF: 5MB]

Basic design "Plan view, layout drawing" (draft) [PDF: 8MB]

Facility overview

Total floor space Approximately 1,000㎡ Direct selling area Sales floor area Approximately 300 ㎡

Sales floor, backyard, processing laboratory (processing room), rental office, challenge shop, office space, free space (gallery, road station hall) etc.

Where to read materials (basic plan, placement plan, plan view)

(1) Changwa-machi homepage

(2) Where to read materials

  • Government office building (Industry Promotion Division)
  • Wada Branch
  • Nagakubo Branch
  • Daimon Branch

※ The viewing time is from 9 am to 5 pm excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays

Opinion recruitment period

Heisei 30 year 10 month 10 day (Wednesday)-Heisei 30 year 10 month 30 day (Tuesday)

How to submit opinions

Please fill in the form (name, address (district name), age, opinion) in the form (style freedom), and submit it in one of the following ways.

(We can not accept items whose name and address are not filled in.)

  • Mailing: 〒386-0603 Chofu-cho Oshimachi 4247-1 Chofu-cho Town Office Addressing Industry Promotion Section
  • FAX: 0268-68-4011
  • E-mail: tokusan@town.nagawa.nagano.jp
  • Direct brought: Please submit to the government office building or branches.

Opinion sheet [DOCX: 14KB]


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