We are looking for opinion of everyone about roadside station area activation promotion project

Published 2018 years 10 month 09 Date

Last updated 2018 years 10 month 09 Date

Road station activation business PerthWe are planning to construct complex facilities centered on large-scale agricultural and livestock products direct sales center and peripheral facilities including area of ​​peaceful station 28 at "Station of Malmelo".

Therefore, we will refer to future projects, so please give your opinion to the basic plan and basic design (draft) as follows.

Business summary

Construction of complex facilities that will contribute to regional revitalization centering on large-scale agricultural and livestock products direct sale center and peripheral improvement including commercial area will be implemented, and business that will contribute to regional revitalization will be expanded.

  • Establishment of large scale agricultural and livestock products direct sale facility
  • Implement projects that contribute to regional revitalization, such as experiential farms
  • Establishment of rental office and challenge shop
  • Rehabilitation of road station toilet
  • Facilities maintenance for integration of road stations and commercial areas
  • Renovation of road station parking space

Publication materials

Nagato-machi Road Station Area Activation Project Basic Plan [PDF: 5MB]

Basic design "Plan view, layout drawing" (draft) [PDF: 8MB]

Facility overview

Total floor space Approximately 1,000㎡ Direct selling area Sales floor area Approximately 300 ㎡

Sales floor, backyard, processing laboratory (processing room), rental office, challenge shop, office space, free space (gallery, road station hall) etc.

Where to read materials (basic plan, placement plan, plan view)

(1) Changwa-machi homepage

(2) Where to read materials

  • Government office building (Industry Promotion Division)
  • Wada Branch
  • Nagakubo Branch
  • Daimon Branch

※ The viewing time is from 9 am to 5 pm excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays

Opinion recruitment period


How to submit opinions

Please fill in the form (name, address (district name), age, opinion) in the form (style freedom), and submit it in one of the following ways.

(We can not accept items whose name and address are not filled in.)

  • Mailing: 〒386-0603 Chofu-cho Oshimachi 4247-1 Chofu-cho Town Office Addressing Industry Promotion Section
  • FAX: 0268-68-4011
  • E-mail: tokusan@town.nagawa.nagano.jp
  • Direct brought: Please submit to the government office building or branches.

Opinion sheet [DOCX: 14KB]

Contact Us

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