Heisei 30 year 10 month 16 day bid schedule

Published 2018 years 09 month 28 Date

Last updated 2018 years 09 month 28 Date

We will enforce the bid by the following.

Heisei 30 year 10 month 16 day bid schedule [PDF: 105KB]

Tender notice

(Bid knowledge)

A person who intends to participate in the first competitive bidding, please bid drawings, design documents, specifications and contract draft, as well as on the site Jukuran aware at the specified location. Bidding documents Amounts, please describe the amount of consumption tax.

(Bidding deposit)

第2 長和町財務規則(平成17年10月1日長和町財務規則第32号)第110条第(1)~(3)号により免除します。

(Pending successful bid decision)

Depending on the bid price of the person to be the third successful bid, when a performance adapted to the contents of the contract is recognized that there may not be made, or a successful bid to become to a person and a Musubuko the contract, fair order of trading if there is a fear that becomes a disturbing, when deemed significantly inappropriate, you may want to hold a successful bid decision.

2 During the period in which the successful bid decision is suspended pursuant to the preceding paragraph, the bidder can not withdraw the application.

3 In the case of paragraph 1, when we decide a successful bidder at a later date, we notify the bidder to that effect.

(Set minimum price limit)

For the execution of the fourth bid, we set the minimum limit price.

(Time of contract formation)

The fifth contract shall be concluded within 5 days from the date of the bidding.

(Expenses required in the contract)

The expenses required for the sixth contract are all borne by the winning bidder.

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