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We are looking for ideas for the former Wada Junior High School facilities trace usage plan

Published 2018 years 09 month 26 Date

Last updated 2018 years 09 month 27 Date

1 Purpose

Wada Junior High School"Wada Junior High School" that was in the Wada area of ​​Changwa Town closed due to the declining number of students due to the declining birthrate Heisei 29 year 3 end of the month closed. Opened in Showa 22, this school building is a school building built in Showa 26 year. It is a student room filled with memories of many students who graduated, it is an old building that feels the times, it is also a historical asset.
Wada's land is a place of mountain purple aquarium where nature is rich and quiet. In particular, water is excellent in water quality, and many people are visiting spring water named "Kuroya".
Wada Pass, also known as the origin of Kuroya stone, is also known as a difficult point of Nakasendo, and Wada Inn located in the foot is remodeled and preserved by the former headquarters and traveling basket, and can remember the outcome.
Now that the number of children in the area has decreased, we are seeking a new way to revitalize the area to utilize the remaining school buildings.
In the town, we are setting up an examination committee on the use of facilities at the former Wada Junior High School in order to utilize the facilities of this "Wada Junior High School" and to consider policies that can contribute to the area. Among them, we will recruit more ideas here in accordance with the following purpose.

1) Utilization of facilities

Education related projects such as child welfare facilities and various schools, various experiences and exchanges with the community, welfare, local industry, etc. can be proposed from either side.

2) Proposing person

It is fine to make proposals as a business entity that wants to make such a business, or a proposal in any aspect, such as ideas that we can do such things.

2 Points to keep in mind when making proposals

Although we propose to use it freely, please pay attention to the following points.

  • Because it is also wooden, large-scale construction is difficult.
    (Example: If it is an accommodation facility, fire-fighting facilities such as plumbing and sprinkling equipment will be necessary.)
  • It is desirable to do business that can be utilized as it is without remodeling as much as possible.
  • Projects that can generate revenue to the extent that maintenance and maintenance expenses can be supplemented
  • There is an elementary school next door, content considering the location environment in the village site along the former Nakasendo way

3 Facility overview

(1) Location Nagano Prefecture Kochi-gun, Chowa-cho Wada 1655 number

(2) Surrounding environment There is an elementary school along the former Nakasendo way, next to the elementary school in the neighborhood and a nursery school nearby. It is in an idyllic setting surrounded by ancient villages in the mountains.

(3) Property subject

Facility name


Year of construction






This school building


Showa 26 Year

Second floor


Earthquake-proof construction completed

This school building


music room


Showa 33 Year

First floor


Earthquake-proof construction completed

music room


Wood working room


Showa 33 Year

First floor


Earthquake-proof construction completed

Wood working room



Steel frame part
Concrete structure

Showa 49 Year

1 floor


Earthquake resistant



School garden

Ground sand





※ There are leaks in the gymnasium everywhere.

(4) Others · There are only a few items such as desks and chairs used at school.

Old Wada Junior High School Facility Outline / Pictures / Layout Diagram [PDF: 1MB]

4 recruitment period

Heisei 30 year 10 month 5 day-Heisei 31 year 1 month 15 day

5 Application method

1) Please prepare the following documents and submit those who apply.

(1) Application form (address, name, contact details listed) · · · Style 1

(2) Proposal of the former Wada Junior High School facility site use plan · · · Style 2

※ Please obtain style from the window of the main office building and each branch office or the official homepage of Nagawa machi.

Proposal for former Wada Junior High School Facility Site Plan (Form 1 / Form 2) [DOCX: 21KB]

2) How to submit

  • When bringing ... · · · Changwa Town office Office Go to the main government building or Wada, Daimon, Nagakubo branch offices
  • When mailing ... · · · Changwa Town Office Director of Planning and Finance Division (below address)
  • Mail · · · kanzai@town.nagawa.nagano.jp

6 Selection method

1) We consider the content that was submitted at the former Wada Junior High School Facility Trace Usage Review Committee, an advisory body of the Mayor, and we will report to the Mayor the idea that we can expect to contribute to the area and use according to this requirement.
Please note that there are no selection criteria for each proposal, as it is assumed that some of the suggested ideas are adopted or a combination of two or more is adopted.

2) The town mayor reviews the content of the report, considering the financial resources of the town, and if we decide that we can contribute enough to the area, we will work towards concrete utilization.

7 Other

  • We will not reply to individual etc. as a result of suggested idea.
  • Registration place is registered in the Shinshu Film Commission Network.
  • I will proceed to register the registered tangible cultural property system of the Agency for Cultural Affairs.
  • You agree that Changwa-cho can use the proposal's copyright and other intellectual property rights at no cost and disclose all or part of the proposal contents. Personal information will not be announced. Also, if the proposal is in violation of the intellectual property right such as the copyright of the third party, and the dispute arises between Changwa Town and a third party, the proposer shall assume the responsibility.


Strategy and Finance Division trustee engagement
Address: Yubinbango386-0603 Nagano Prefecture Chiisagata-gun NAGAWA Old Town, 4247-1 NAGAWA office 2F
PHONE: 0268-75-2066
FAX: 0268-68-4139

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