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Nakawa-machi Elderly Plan (7th term) (2018 ~ 2020)

Published 2018 years 09 month 13 Date

Last updated 2018 years 09 month 13 Date

 In Nagawa Town, we have established a welfare plan for the elderly and a nursing care insurance business plan and are implementing the business so that the elderly can lead an independent daily life in the area where they are accustomed to living as much as possible.
 The 7th plan has a planning period from FY2018 to FY2020.

Purpose of the plan

In the town, in an effort to improve the health of elderly people and to enhance the system to support in homes and areas, we have been working on promoting projects while establishing the welfare plan for the elderly and the nursing-care insurance business plan from the first to the sixth term It was.
And since we still need to strengthen our system according to the health status and living conditions of each and every one, we believe that this plan will succeed the plan and project so far, Those who need nursing care also clarify the issues to be addressed in order to live peacefully and healthily at home or in the area where everyone lived, while showing the direction of the measures and improvement of the system, while promoting systematic projects For the purpose.

basic principle

People who live a healthy and self-reliant life, and those who need nursing care are also aiming to create a town where everyone can live together while supporting each other in the area where everyone is familiar, with the elderly welfare plan raised in the Sixth Plan
Four, I will inherit the six principles in the long-term care insurance business plan and make it the basic philosophy of the plan.

Basic objective

Toward the realization of our basic philosophy "to realize our society and the whole community symbiosis society", we set the basic goal as follows

Goal 1 Enhancement of services for independence and peace of mind

Goal 2 Promotion of Health Promotion and Preventive Long-Term Care · Measures against dementia

Goal 3 Collaboration between medical care and nursing care

Goal 4 Enriching various life support services

Goal 5 Support for dignified living

Nagato-cho elderly plan _ The elderly welfare plan seventh care insurance business plan [PDF: 3MB]

Seventh term Changwa-cho elderly plan (digest version) [PDF: 649KB]

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